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Thursday, November 12, 2020


The Fashion Hero celebrates gender neutral beauty and integrity, on local screens soon

The second season of the highly successful global production, The Fashion Hero, is set to start filming from March 2021 at Sun City. Season One aired in over 160 countries and so far, applications for Season Two have already garnered over 122,000 applications from 200 countries. There are just 32 spots available.

The Fashion Hero celebrates everyone and everybody. It’s a completely new kind of reality series - challenging the fashion industry’s standard image of beauty. “It’s no longer about one shape, one height, one culture, one look or one type,” explains Gail Parrish Hoffman, Co-Founder of Marketing and Integration agency G2 Connection. “The old rules of who can be a brand ambassador or role model and how they can do it no longer apply. Now the world decides what is beautiful, what sells and what is fashionable.”

“Through the international TV competition, series contestants of many backgrounds, shapes and sizes are carefully chosen to participate in a series of challenges where they will have the opportunity to embrace what makes them different, all while empowering millions of viewers around the world to embrace their unique qualities,” says Gail. “This is also a great opportunity for brands to get involved,” she says.

The Fashion Hero TV series shares important values such as individuality, passion, self-confidence and self-empowerment. With diversity at its forefront, The Fashion Hero empowers real people to be themselves and celebrate that which makes them unique.

Over a season of 10 episodes, contestants will compete in a series of challenges, where each is designed to test who has self-belief, clarity and strength of character necessary to remain true to themselves, whilst making their dreams come true.

Potential contestants can register on the Fashion Hero website at

Then, it’s up to each woman to maximize their social media networking in order to boost their online profile and rise to the top of the leader board, irrespective of size, age, nationality, colour or ethnicity.

“The TV show will run over a period of two years across the globe, and more channels are being added every week, meaning that the exposure for our contestants and participating brands, will reach well over 500 million people.

“We also have a very well-known international host and a team of 40 international influencers on board who reach millions of people. They will be promoting The Fashion Hero TV series and its website and the websites of participating brands on their platforms. If each influencer gets just half their followers to share our content, we will reach close to 100 million people worldwide. The Fashion Hero is not just another reality show – it’s a life changer!” adds Gail.