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Thursday, December 10, 2020


(Tsidiso and Tsidi Makitle took the time to thank the essential workers who are working tirelessly to ensure that the spread of Covid-19 is minimised)

The world has marvelled at the impeccable fashion sense of the Olsen twins, been enthralled by the Mowry twins who gave us one of the best sitcoms of the 90s - Sister, Sister - and now, it needs to prepare for Tsidi and Tsidiso Makitle who intend to disrupt the acting industry one line at a time.

On December 8, 2020, the pair (22) graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts) degrees at the University of Zululand (UNIZULU), a sign that they are one step closer to realising their dream of dominating the silver and television screens.

Tsidi already has one foot in the door as she recently landed a role on Durban Gen, a new medical telenovela on eTV. Both sisters actually auditioned for roles in the telenovela after being encouraged by their agent. Tsidi was later asked to audition for Phumeza Sibiya, the character she now plays, but the feedback on whether she had been successful or not took so long that she wound up accepting that the part wasn’t hers.

“About two months after having auditioned, and cried thinking I had not gotten the part, my agent called to congratulate me, saying I had been offered a contract to play on season 1 of the show. It came as such a surprise to me because usually in the industry when you do not get feedback in under a month, it means you have not gotten the part,” recalled Tsidi.

For Tsidiso, the news was simply a manifestation of what she had been professing for her family. “I told my mom at the beginning of this year that this was going to be our year so when my sister got this part, I reminded her that I had said that God would make way for a miracle in our family,” she said.

From a distance, the animated sisters, from New Germany in Pinetown, may lead one into thinking that theirs are worry-free lives. But they’ve had difficulties like most people. In 2003, their mother, who used to work in the health sector, suffered a stroke which ultimately led to her leaving work in 2010. A resolute, the twins said their mother is their daily source of inspiration as, amid the health complications, she pushes herself to still function as before.

With their mom now unemployed, Tsidi is the sole breadwinner at home. They are quick to express their utmost gratitude to God though, because even though they were not raised with a silver spoon, their parents always saw to it that their primary needs were met. Though they do not live with their father, he’s never once neglected his responsibilities. When they registered at UNIZULU, the pair managed to secure funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, which alleviated some strain on their parents.

Another role their father played, although unknowingly, was in preparing the twins for their career. It’s always been a game of theirs to trick their father into thinking one is the other as he struggles to tell them apart. Needless to mention, they have got away with receiving each other’s share of money on more than one occasion. 

When the twins are not setting acting goals, they invest their time and energy on growing their followership on their Instagram page @themakitletwins. Their goal is to use the page to showcase their acting capabilities, promote body positivity through fashion and give followers an inside view on what life is like when you have a twin.