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Sunday, January 24, 2021


Roland Stansell of the Rhumbelow Theatre which runs various venues in Durban and the surrounding area announces that The Rhumbelow is getting creative with new ideas.

“If you are a regular supporter and enjoy watching some of our LIVE & ONLINE SHOWS, then this option is for you, as it will save you huge money during the year, whilst helping the Theatre stay afloat. Ideally we need 12 VIP members on a rolling monthly basis to cover our monthly fixed overheads. BIG SAVINGS OVER THE YEAR - see above value, depending how often you attend.

“We need to raise R5,000.00 per month to survive to pay monthly overheads ie Insurance and our social media networking including our mailing system, otherwise we sadly will become another COVID BUSINESS STATISTIC.

“Before the December season we invested in COVID FOGGING FLUID, HAZER FLUID for our lighting, batteries for microphones in line with the number of shows that we had planned over the December-February period. Approx R 15,000-00. We still have in reserve the funds raised for the chairs at Tina's. Aside from that we have R100-00 in the bank.

“As we all know, nearly half of our Dec shows where cancelled, there are no shows running during this period - January & February - and all things being equal we hope to open at the end of February. Until then we need to generate revenue through a couple of means:

1) Support our Rhumbelow Theatre LOSS SERIES (Lockdown Online Streaming Shows)

2) Encourage our supporters who can afford to make us a donation to cover these costs

3) We have launched a VIP MEMBERSHIP - which will bring cash in now with the VIP Member receiving benefits over a 12 month period. This will give us immediate monthly cash flow to survive.

If you would like to watch some of our LOSS SERIES, DONATE MONEY or become a VIP member then email us for a list of shows available ( Over 100 shows available. Please email us how many are watching with a min donation of R100-00 per head and we will send you the shows link.

“Please support this initiative to keep the Rhumbelow afloat and it will help the relevant performers keep bread and butter on the table. EMAIL”

All donations welcome Banking Details for Rhumbelow Theatre Branch Code : NEDBANK MUSGRAVE 130126 Generic Branch Code : 198 765 Acc No : 2301348474 (SAVINGS) Name Of Account : Rhumbelow Theatre Fax for Deposit Slip : 086 685 0300 (if not electronic transfer)

"HEALTH WARNING: The quality of video recordings and the age and size of performers may vary depending on when the video was recorded.”

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