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Thursday, February 25, 2021


(Above: “Inhlozane Impressions I” 20 x 20cm Oil on Canvas)

Article by artist Trayci Tompkins:

(Right: Diane Erasmus at work)

“Landscape artist Diane Erasmus has been on an artist sabbatical with me here in studio these past few weeks.

I must say that after a year of COVID alone-time it’s been like heaven having her creative energy here...

Having recently wrapped up her coastal studio ahead of a relocation, Di has been in an artist-limbo and the timing was perfect for me to throw some new challenges her way. 

(Left: “Inhlozane Impressions II” 20 x 20cm Oil on Canvas)

Before she unpacked her easel, we did a quick dive into texture play with lino cut and geli printing alongside some acrylic and ink explorations.

As an accomplished oil painter, Diane doesn’t get much time in her busy studio practice to work outside of her zone .. so this was truly an inspiring sojourn for her, and me (I find I always learn something new when I teach).

Not only was she blown away by the enormity of ‘Green’ that surrounds us here in the Dargle, but shared my love for our landmark Inhlosane’ that dominates our horizon view... 

(Right: Trayci Tompkins)

It’s a real treat to see our neighborhood through another artist’s eyes.” - Trayci Tompkins

For more information contact Diane Erasmus on +27 82 495 9810, email: or visit