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Saturday, February 6, 2021


(Joel Kinnaman stars in “The Informer”)

It’s the month of love – and there’s enough for everyone on DStv.

The Bachelorette SA sees M-Net’s first bachelorette, Qiniso van Damme from Port Elizabeth, embark on a journey to find her one true love. But she has an added challenge – she can't see who the candidates are as they write down their hopes and dreams on a piece of paper. Each week will give you an opportunity to follow the drama between Qiniso and her suitors as they battle it out to win her heart!

Based on the popular Swedish adventure books, Louis & Luca: Mission to the Moon will keep the entire family entertained. The story follows the two beloved characters from the Flakylpa village, Louis and Luca the Hedgehog, who are best friends and love solving mysteries together. When their friend Little Tim disappears, they decide to go on a daring trip to rescue him from an evil space villain known as Triton who is hiding in a mysterious pyramid on the moon. Their mission will lead them to solve new mysteries along the way.

For lovers of crime thrillers comes a movie with all the right twists. The Informer is based on a true story about an ex-convict working undercover. In order to infiltrate the maximum-security prison that holds the most dangerous mob leaders, Puff has to get himself imprisoned. Playing the part of Puff, Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad) drives this crime thriller that will leave you asking, When is early called late?

A Twist of Fate is an entertaining family drama that returns for a highly-anticipated fifth season. It focuses on sisters Pragya and Bulbul who are as different as chalk and cheese. Pragya is the good girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer while Bulbul is the face of her mother’s marriage hall (in fact, everyone knows her as Sarla Arora ka beta) and loves taking selfies endlessly to give them to her boyfriend.

Online dating can be a tough world for singletons and Love Fraud looks at one of the dangers of getting cosy in cyberspace. Tracy has resigned herself to focusing on her career and enjoying the fruits of her labour. But that all starts to change when she discovers online dating. Since it’s highly unlikely that an office romance will take root for her, she decides to see what dating sites can offer.

Adam Devine's House Party gives fans a never-before-seen look at the life of Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect, Modern Family) and his hilarious group of friends. That's right – you get to come over to the house and party with Adam and his famous comedian friends! Great comedy and awesome celebs make this a must-watch.

Here are details of some of the highlights:

The Informer (Crime Thriller)

February 7 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 20h30

No-one is above the law in this fast-paced thriller which sees Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman play an ex-con and former special ops soldier who is recruited by the FBI. As Pete Koslow, Kinnaman must try taking down the most powerful crime boss in New York, the General. But as things get heated and he’s forced to return to prison, can he escape both the clutches of the law and General while saving his family?


Twist of Fate S5

February 10 on Zee World (DStv Channel 166) at 21h00

Mystery, family drama, action – this show has it all! Fast becoming a fan favourite that showcases the Punjabi culture, the fifth season includes even more mystery and intrigue as it follows the lives of sisters Pragya and Bulbul. Aimed at a global audience, this is a show that everyone can enjoy.


Summer of Dreams (Drama)

February 7 on Lifetime (DStv Channel 131) at 19h30

It is the story of a former pop-star named Debbie who seems to have lost her way after getting dropped from her record label. After losing her dream job, she moves in with her sister in a small town and reluctantly takes over for the music teacher at the local high school. She has always been quite shy, and was reluctant to take over the class because she’s never been good at talking to teenagers.


Big Cat Month

February 7 on Nat Geo Wild (DStv Channel 182) at 18h00

It’s a month of amazing shows about majestic large cats around the world. Not only will you learn something new about their incredible nature, viewers will see the extensive efforts of National Geographic Society to protect big cats and their habitats through the Big Cat Initiative with Derek and Beverly Joubert. Some of the shows available this week are:

Jade Eyed Leopard & Hyena: Strange Alliance

Diary of a Teen Leopard

A Leopard Legacy

Cecil:The Legacy of a King

Serengeti Speed Queen

Tiger Queen of Taru


Shipwrecks: When History Resurfaces

February 11 on History (DStv Channel 186) at 20h15

The oceans hide many secrets. Far, far away from the crowded cities at their surface, hundreds of sunken ships lay motionless on the ocean floor. Their sombre remains are sometimes discovered by fisherman or scientific expeditions years later, when their story is finally unveiled in all its splendour. But there are also tales of wrecks whose mystery has never been revealed. Some have been forgotten for years… This is the story of forty-four voyages and how they were forever marked by a single tragedy, the wrecks of the SS Frontenac (1945), the SS Fort-Coulonge (1849), the Titanic (1912), Empress of Ireland (1914), Gairsoppa (1916) and the Edmund Fitzgerald (1975).


Disclaimer: Please note these broadcast details are subject to change. Keep checking your TV Guide on for the most up-to-date details or press “OK” on your remote while watching any channel.