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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


(Right: Christopher Duigan. Pic by Val Adamson)

In Publicity Matters’ final Love the Arts feature, they catch up with the utterly magnificent Christopher Duigan, explaining “We have so enjoyed adventuring safely out and being fabulously creative again, that we are re-grouping, and taking a moment to come up with out next series.”

Duigan has performed in major venues worldwide, which he was very excited about. “Traditionally I work with many wonderful musicians on an ongoing basis and I miss those collaborations, on and off the stage, immensely. I would say the most memorable experiences overall was in Barcelona, where I visit often. With my close friend David Salleras (saxophone), we were soloists with the orchestra in the magnificent Palau de la Música Catalana playing Yoshimatsu’s Cyberbird Concerto. It is a superb and magnificent venue, of great symbolic importance to the community, and it was a great privilege to be invited to convey music so powerful, dynamic and fresh - it really stretched us all.”

“I can attest that once on stage you ain’t thinking how attractive or prestigious the venue is. The focus is entirely in the moment! But ANYWHERE with a superb piano and attentive audience, who applaud and smile approvingly between items, is great! The peril of the travelling pianist is that one has to deal with strange, often poor-quality pianos and uncertain acoustics, lighting and environment, and make the best of it.

“One of the most attractive bonuses about performing in my home studio is that I’m very comfortable with the set-up, the fantastic piano and only need to take a few steps to be ‘onstage’! And I get to share something of my own personal world with the audience, too. I think Lil’ Lucy - The Long-Haired Dachshund who appears regularly is stealing the limelight! I also worry sometime that I may never want to venture out again.

What do you love about performing?

I am inspired by the possibility to share the music that has touched me deeply, and that others may experience some of the same. My current livestream project, now nearing #100 since 28 March, offers chance to extend those interactions and reach new audiences, too.”

When did you last perform live?

Apart from the two livestreams a week, which offer their own unique thrill and audience relation, I did four live concerts during October and November when restrictions were relaxed.

What’s your wish for in 2021?

I ‘wish' to summons the strength to persevere with the programme of twice-weekly livestreams (which I am enjoying, but it is relentless) and to find a balance with the rest of my life. It still feels like we are all on ‘pause' and many essential things have fallen by the wayside in the past 12 months.