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Thursday, February 25, 2021


COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on South Africa’s theatre and dance sector. This time also offers an opportunity for those involved in the sector to upskill themselves and acquire insights into how to survive both the pandemic and beyond.

To this end, the STAND Foundation (Sustaining Theatre and Dance Foundation) is offering a series of short courses in March that range from creative theatre skills, to business and entrepreneurial skills, contractual and intellectual property knowledge.

The courses are categorised in four broad areas:

-Practical Theatre Skills;

-Entrepreneurial and Business Skills;

-Producing and Touring;

-Intellectual Property,

-Ownership and Artists’ Rights.

Most of the courses will be offered online, while there is a practical theatre course in a physical space in each of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Generally, the courses run for 1-5 sessions of 90-180 minutes each and cost approximately R50 per session.

Bursaries are available to cover both data participation costs as well as fees for those who may require assistance. The STAND Foundation Summer School is sponsored by the Netherlands Embassy.

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