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Monday, February 1, 2021


Acknowledging and recognising excellence and artistry in productions specifically created for online consumption.

“A little while before the untimely and tragic passing of our beloved leader and visionary, Dawn Lindberg, we at the Naledi Awards established a new Category, under her brilliant leadership, to cater for and embrace the emergence of a different type of theatrical crafting, creating, entertaining, storytelling and experience,” says Renos Spanoudes, Chairperson of the Naledi Awards Convenors and Judges Panel 2020/2021.

More specifically, the rise, since the beginning of the pandemic, of productions being created for and streamed in cyber space, on screens large and small, is testament to the drive and passion, dare we say survival instinct, of the creative souls of our industry and its people.

VOLT is the name coined for this new Naledi Awards Category and the eligible productions are all those which have been specifically written, created, filmed, produced and streamed for an online audience.

The production must not have been performed for a live audience but rather filmed and edited for the sole purpose of a digital presentation.

More specifically, the filming of a production which has had a live staging for an audience is not eligible.

VOLT is about the product in response to Covid-19 in terms of being conceived, cast, performed, filmed and edited for the specific online audience experience.

Cases in point would be the pieces created and produced for the Digital National Arts Festival in Makhanda during the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020 as well as the world first online digital My Body My Space WhatsApp Festival launched on January 29, 2021.

Should you wish to submit your production for consideration in the Naledi VOLT Category, please contact the Convenor of the VOLT Judges Panel, Johan van der Merwe on 082 829 6035 or send an email to this effect to


NB: Your communication in this regard must include the following:

-Name of the Producer / Company

-Title and genre of the piece

-Name of the Writer and/or Director and/or Creator / Team

-Details of the production in terms of concept and narrative

-Credits details of each and every individual involved in the production from the director/s to the actor/s, designers, choreographers, writers, filming crew, editing team, lighting, soundscape. etc. - full and total acknowledgement list

- Visuals of characters, poster, scenes, moments, etc.

- Access to the recording via a code, link, site or flash drive, DVD on Vimeo or YouTube Private Channel, Google Docs, WeTransfer, etc so that the panel of Judges, under the leadership and management of Johan van der Merwe, may individually each experience the production as would a member of the public - online via the internet on a laptop, phone or computer.

Please note that no payment will be made for this access to the recording; it is equivalent to the media / publicity / Naledi complementary ticket issued by a theatre during current and pre Covid-19 times.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding VOLT and your production eligibility or any other matters pertaining to this virgin category, do not hesitate to contact Johan van der Merwe who undertakes to respond swiftly and timeously.

VOLT category productions must have been recorded and streamed in the period January 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021.


For more information contact Renos Spanoudes – Chairperson, Naledi Awards Convenors and Judges Panel 2020/2021 on 083 654 0805 or email /