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Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Deadline: April 23, 2021 (12h00)

Call for proposals to design an Award for the 42nd Annual Durban International Film Festival.

1.         Call for Proposals: Artist opportunity

The Durban International Film Festival invites KwaZulu-Natal-based visual artists and fine craftspeople to submit proposals for the design of an award for the 42nd annual awards of the Durban International Film Festival. This competitive process asks South Africa’s artistic community to submit design proposals from which an award will be created. The successful applicant will be asked to design and create a minimum of 15 awards in advance of the 2021 Durban International Film festival taking place on July 21– August, 2022.

2.         Background

South Africa’s longest‐running film festival, the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) is widely regarded as one of the leading film festivals on the African continent and a vital event on the international film calendar. Whilst celebratory of excellence in film-making, the Durban International Film Festival is committed to ensuring that emerging filmmakers are also afforded a platform to advance and showcase their work. This is an imperative step towards developing the industry in Africa.

The Durban International Film Festival intends commissioning an artist to design and create an award that will become symbolic of the Festival’s quest for excellence, commitment to development, vitality of the film sector and have a distinct identity and African aesthetic that can become associated with Festival and its brand.

The 15 awards will be presented in the following categories:

-Best Cinematography

-Best short film

-Best actor

-Best screenplay

-Best South African short film

-Best documentary

-Best African film

-Best editing

-Best actress

-Best direction

-Best South African documentary

-The Amnesty International Durban Human Rights

-Best feature film

-Artistic bravery

-Best South African feature film

The awards will be presented at the annual Gala Awards Ceremony and the artist will be acknowledged for the design and creation of the Awards.


3.         Scope of work

The award for the Durban International Film Festival Awards will be a piece of artwork of striking visibility and it should generate industry-sector pride. The award should be inspirational, celebratory and have an African aesthetic.

The award can be a two or three-dimensional artwork in any medium, including wood, glass, copper, metal, ceramic, framed drawings or paintings, etc. As the award will be presented on stage, it should have presence and visual impact. In addition, the award should be able to be customized with credentials (the award category, year and recipient’s name) as part of the artwork or as a plaque affixed to the piece.

The 15 awards should be consistent and become a strong brand of the Festival.


4.         Budget

In addition to a one-time design fee of R6,000 awarded to the successful bidder, the proposals should include the cost, per award, to produce 15 awards using the proposed design. The maximum total budget per award, including all materials, production fees, and taxes should be less than R1,000.


5.         Timeline

The following are relevant dates for submissions for designs for the 2020 Durban International Film Festival Awards:

March 29, 2021: Call for proposals launched

April 23, 2021: Submission deadline (12h00)

April 26 -30, 2021: Review of submissions

May 6, 2021: Successful artist notified and contracted

May 21: 2021: Winning design announced

June 21, 2021: Artist completes the commission and delivers the artworks to the Durban International Film Festival.

August 1, 2021: The Durban International Film Festival Award.


6.         Selection process and criteria

A selection panel made up of the Centre for Creative Arts film festival along with a film industry representative, a visual arts specialist and a branding specialist.

The panel shall adjudicate the proposals and decide on the artist and design based on the following criteria assessed from the artist’s proposal submission:


6.1.      Qualifications and experience (20%)

Does the artist provide a portfolio of evidence of having the knowledge and skills required to design, fabricate and deliver the awards on time and on budget?

6.2.      Quality of proposal (45%)

Does the Award proposal have artistic merit?

Is the proposed Award design innovative and unique?

Is the Award design inspirational, celebratory, representative of representative of the film industry and does it have an African aesthetic?

6.3.      Budget (15%)

Is the proposed budget realistic and achievable?

6.4.      Quality of proposed materials (20%)

Are the proposed materials for the award durable, eco-friendly and locally produced?


7.         Application process

-Proposals submission deadline is Friday April 23 2021 at 12h00 (noon).

-All submissions should be formatted as a single PDF, sent electronically to and contain the following, corresponding to the outline below:

-Completed Application form found on the website link given below

-Award proposal (3-page maximum) outlining the artist’s inspiration and intent for the Award; note actual size, materials to be used, and an explanation as to how the artist plans to integrate Award credentials into the design. All submissions should include a rough sketch of the proposed design.

-The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate that they have the capacity to produce the quantity required within the time frame and budget indicated.

-The proposal must include a budget for the proposed project. The maximum total budget, per award, including all materials, production fees, and taxes should be less than R1,000.

-The proposal must include an Artist resume: (3-page maximum)

-The proposal must include a maximum of 5 photographs of artistic works created by the artist and which speaks to artist’s ability to create an Award for this Call to Artists. The photograph must be labelled with artist’s name, title and description of work, date created, medium(s), budget (if applicable), and dimensions for the artwork.

-Please include only the items listed above. Additional materials will not be presented to the selection panel. Proposals will not be returned and late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.


8.         General provisions:

-Artist Agreement: The successful artist will enter into an agreement with the Durban International Film Festival. Upon notification of being awarded the project, the successful artist will have 48 hours to finalize, complete and return the agreement.

-Conflict of Interest: Applicants must disclose any potential conflicts of interest in their submission, including any that may involve The Durban International Film Festival, the Centre for Creative Arts and / or relationships with employees of either the Durban International Film Festival or the Centre for Creative Arts.

-Reserved Rights: The Durban International Film Festival is not obliged to accept any of the submissions and reserves the right to not recommend any proposal or finalist, or to terminate or re-advertise the project.


9.         For more information

If you have questions about this opportunity, contact Bash Siddiqi on 031 260 2506 or email:


For full details, visit: