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Monday, March 15, 2021


Everyone’s talking about CBS Presents Oprah with Meghan and Harry, which saw Oprah Winfrey sit down with Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for an intimate conversation. The interview, which premiered on Monday, was so highly requested by customers that it will be rebroadcast this Saturday, March 13 on M-Net (DStv channel 101) and on the DStv app at 16h00.

Here are a few of the highlights for the rest of the week:

Extinction: The Facts

Tuesday, March 16: BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 19h59

Earth has seen animal populations shrink by 60% over the past 40 years. A million species of plants and animals now face extinction, some within the next 10 years. In this documentary, Sir David Attenborough guides us through the current extinction crisis, exploring the man-made reasons behind the crisis, including hunting, toxic waste and the conversion of land for agriculture. Sir Attenborough also discusses potential solutions to this global issue like responsible consumption, cutting back on meat and lowering carbon emissions… before it’s too late.

Snowfall S4

Tuesday, March 16: 1Magic (DStv channel 103) at 21h30

Extinction: The battle for control of the crack cocaine market is heating up in South Central as Franklin tries to put a halt to an all-out gang war while he wrestles with his conscience. Local reporter Irene Abe tries to figure out what’s happened to her previously poor but relatively peaceful neighbourhood. And Gustavo and Teddy have practical matters to address, like how to keep drugs flowing smoothly to their customers despite the chaos around them, tensions back in Mexico, and the attention of the drug cops.

Climate Change: The Facts 

Thursday, March 18: BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 19h59

Sir David Attenborough presents this two-part documentary on the science of climate change. Viewers will see footage that reveals the impact of climate change across the Earth as scientists – including Dr James Hansen, Dr Michael Mann and Professor Catherine Mitchell – unpack the science behind recent extreme weather conditions like storms, wildfires and the rapid melting of polar ice. The documentary presents potential solutions, exploring innovations and actions the world's governments are taking to prevent further warming. It also introduces viewers to individuals who are creating change at the grassroots level.

NB: These broadcast details are subject to change. Keep checking your TV Guide on for the most up-to-date details or press “OK” on your remote while watching any channel. You can also visit press portal at to download images and more comprehensive highlights for the month.