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Monday, April 19, 2021


(Right: Kate Winslet in “Mare of Easttown”)

It’s already the middle of April – but that doesn’t mean the entertainment stops. DStv has great programming lined up this week.

Both M-Net (DStv channel 101) and kykNET (DStv channel 144) have exciting new shows. On M-Net, Kate Winslet takes on the role of producer and female lead in the limited series Mare of Easttown. While trying to keep her life from falling apart, traumatised small-town detective Mare Sheehan (Winslet) must solve a brutal murder. As she constantly pushes the boundaries, she also uncovers the dark past and secret tragedies in her close community.

Op My Eish! is kykNET’s newest reality show with South African heartthrob Neels van Jaarsveld. Join him and wingman Henré Pretorius as Neels looks for love in Hermanus.

Over on History Channel (DStv channel 186), In Their Own Words: Muhammad Ali tells the life story of the world’s greatest boxer and his profound impact on both culture and history, while CBS Reality (DStv channel 132) airs the latest season of Rumble & Hum, with SA’s very own Lewis “Vudulew” Williams, a controversial yet intriguing figure. Join Williams and his team as they pierce and tattoo a wide variety of customers – from international Formula One drivers and musicians to motorbike enthusiasts and business professionals.

Youngsters also have plenty to look forward to with Darwin & Newts on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318). New Zealand Maori siblings Darwin and Newts figure out how stuff works with the help of science and some Kiwi ingenuity.

This year, Earth Day is on April 22– and Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) is celebrating with a full day of earthy programmes. Begin the day with Secret Life of Lakes at 09h00 and discover how people and nature have existed together for centuries with a deep-dive into the immutable lake waters. Unlike the tumultuous oceans and mighty rivers, lakes offer tranquility – and beneath their depths, an aquatic heart. At 14h00, Life On Fire takes us into the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, where life has struggled to emerge after thousands of years. Later in the evening at 19h00, Polar Bears will entertain youngsters and adults alike. These furry creatures are majestic and are able to withstand the harshest environments while remaining top predators.

Whale Wisdom at 20h00 shows us just how smart whales can be – and yet, they remain a mystery despite new science giving us answers as to how they might see and interact with the world. Filmed entirely in 4K from above and below the water, marine biologist and filmmaker Rick Rosenthal shines a light on the culture and wisdom of whales in this exciting factual feature. 

To end off the thrilling Earth Day entertainment, Rainforest Home airs at 21h00 and takes us on a journey through the richest habitat on earth. Teeming with millions of plants and animals, the tropical belts of green stretches across South and Central America, Indonesia, Malaysia and northern Australia.