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Thursday, April 22, 2021


The Southern Africa Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) Foundation has approved micro-grants for 100 members as part of the SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund.

The grants were approved based primarily on the soundness of proposals, says SAMRO Chairperson, Nicholas Maweni.

“Following the request for proposals from members, the Foundation received 265 applications, and a hundred were selected by the independent adjudication committee to receive up to R20,000 each,” says Maweni.

“The successful applicants had to demonstrate that their idea was both creatively and financially sound and also stood a good chance of yielding positive results in the marketplace.”

The Foundation set up this fund to help SAMRO members to keep creating.

Maweni says the micro-grants should be considered "seed-capital" to assist many of our music composers in completing their creative projects. “We have noted that the majority of responders to this request for funding expressed a need for assistance with recording their music and to create videos.”

“This initiative is one of many interventions by the SAMRO Foundation aligned with the mission of enabling music creators to manage sustainable music businesses,” Maweni concludes.