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Monday, May 31, 2021


(Above: Gallery view including History has an aspect of oversight in progressive blindness
(2004); Fallen man (2018) and What is a home without a Father (1994).)

An exhibition titled: “it takes everything… ” by internationally-renowned, Durban-based artist, Andries Botha, Curated by Janine Zagel and Jessica Bothma, has just opened at the new sculpture precinct: Ammazulu Gardens and Sculpture Precinct in Kloof.

Born and located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Botha lectured at the Durban Institute for Technology for over 30 years. Over a period of 45 years he has paid attention to the consequences of the presence and absence of the emotional and historical narrative that has shaped himself and the South African landscape. His describes his work as also being a personal tribute to his observations of the tenderness and destruction of masculinity within the context of a single and collective human journey in the complex landscape that we have created as home in South Africa.

His work over the last 45 years exists within the geography of desire and the struggle for home, to make, to hold, to feel, to see, to be, to imagine, to respond, to become and to leave. It is believed that wisdom is the capacity to hold two contradictory ideas of hope and despair in one's mind simultaneously; this wisdom is expressed as sculpture, installation and concept. There is a stillness in the magnitude and elegance of committing a life to work; to create.

(Left: “Sleeping man” fragment from Afrikaner circa 2014 (2014) by Andries Botha. Acrylic on canvas, landscape in the manner of Pierneef; Material One; mild steel; 3D printed figure in Supawood; artificial landscape turf. This installation is a continuation of its predecessor Africaander circa 1600)

Botha's "menswees" (humanity), his conscience and his struggle for "ukuzizwa usekhaya" (belonging) present us with the haunting pursuit for truth and beauty through the duality of indigenous nature and classical form. The works are cultural and historical documents produced in South Africa that reflect on the grace and trauma of our humanity.

The expansive themes traverse binaries such as: power and helplessness; gender and violence; migration, identity and belonging; and our mark on the environment.

The exhibition will be on semi-permanent display and will be open for viewing to the public: Monday to Wednesday – Closed; Thursday to Sunday 10h00 to 16h00. There is the Ping Pong café on the premises for light refreshments.

Access to the Ammazulu Gardens and Sculpture Precinct is through the gate at 84-88 Kloof Falls Road, Kloof. An entry fee of R50 per person will apply and children under the age of 10 may enter for free.

For more information or images contact Janine Zagel at or leave a message for Jessica Bothma on Whatsapp at +27 72 891 2534


Information on Andries Botha’s work is available on:

Instagram: Andries Botha (@_andries_botha) • Instagram photos and videos