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Wednesday, May 26, 2021


(Charmaine Soobramoney (BASA Chairman); Mandie van der Spuy (BASA Deputy Chair); Grace Meadows (British Council) & Madeleine Lambert (BASA).)

Business and Arts South Africa NPC (BASA), partnered by British Council Southern Africa Arts (British Council), has announced the launch of a new series of curated conversations linked to their joint ASSEMBLY initiative.

A hybrid of live and digital engagements across social, digital and media platforms, the aim of ASSEMBLY, which took place earlier this year, was to interrogate the current state of the creative sector in order to contemplate when, where and how meaningful change could be effected.

“Fully digital and free to all, the ASSEMBLY programme was focused on defining the current context, identifying the urgent and long-term needs of the creative sector, and understanding how the arts and business could better work together,” explains BASA CEO, Ashraf Johaardien. “This new conversations series, which will be hosted on a monthly basis by BASA Chairman, Charmaine Soobramoney and Deputy Chair, Mandie van der Spuy, has been curated to delve even more deeply into some of the key issues and challenges raised, with a view to driving solutions and making a positive impact.”

The planned programme will be broadcast via Social TV at and, the details for which are as follows:


The Creative Agenda

09h00 Friday May 28, 2021

Anchored by insights from the launch of ArtsTrack no. 9, this episode takes a deep dive into the findings of the inaugural edition of BASA ASSEMBLY, partnered by the British Council, and unpacks the shared content and data in more detail and discusses how brands use (or could use) the research to inform their partnership strategies.


Intellectual Property In A Digital Age

09h00 Friday June 25, 2021

This episode explores intellectual property from the perspective of the rights of creatives, how to protect these and stop exploitation, the challenges of COVID-19, the opportunities of 4IR, earning from your IP, and exploring digital platforms.


Purpose-Driven Marketing

09h00 Friday July 30 2021

The roles of creatives and marketers aren't always separate. Both are part of the value chain, unique and different, but still connected in touching the hearts of consumers. This conversation looks at the ways in which these two seemingly disparate groups can find synergy.


Cultural Sector Funding And Business Models

09h00 Friday August 27, 2021

The cultural sector requires agile and relevant business models to survive. This episode explores new systems and strategies towards building a thriving creative economy and sharing innovative policies towards sustainability at a local and global level.


Less Duplication And More Collaboration

09h00 Friday October 1, 2021

Ecosystem building and collective value creation through strengths mapping and systematic collaboration. From programming, audience engagement to funding opportunities, this episode reviews current barriers to collaboration.

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