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Thursday, June 17, 2021


(Guy Buttery. Pic by Jacki Brunequel Art & Photography)

A concert film featuring Kaki King

In what will be Guy Buttery’s first official full length video release, Live from Another Time streams worldwide later this month. Filmed during a South African tour with American guitar player, Kaki King, Buttery’s performance here acts as something of a "best of" with various tracks from right across his career.

Produced by US-based videographer Alexis Dominguez, this concert was captured in the beautifully resonant Slave Church Museum in Cape Town. Live from Another Time which airs on June 27, 2021, at 18h30 (South African Time) is a multi-camera 4K concert film coupled with 24bit mastered audio. The concert includes two unreleased pieces as well as an avant-garde duo version of Guy's live ambient and musical saw classic Smithfield which features Kaki King on a small handheld synthesizer.

As an additional bonus, a duet with Kaki on 12 string guitar has been included which was filmed earlier that day during soundcheck.

This streamed event is available exclusively through Quicket and tickets can be found here.