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Friday, June 25, 2021


(Above: Christopher Duigan)

Mid-Winter is upon us and the 18h00 sessions offer a great opportunity to relax and be replenished by rejuvenating music from Music Revival.

“We are working tirelessly to contribute a valuable service to the broader community! Please support our online programme if you are enjoying viewing our productions or wish to support our uplifting contribution of music and images available to online viewers worldwide!,” says Christopher Duigan who runs Music Revival.

Credit card payments can be made viaYoco or Quicket, a monthly donation of R250 can be set up at Payfast. Other payment options, including banking details for direct EFT, can be found at the Music Revival DONATE page.

“We are forging ahead with our sessions, creating new and fresh programmes for you every week! If you are viewing these livestreams please consider donating the equivalent of a ticket purchase (R100) every time you view a new livestream even though it is freely available,” Duigan adds.

Music Revival Online presents Christopher Duigan at Home - all at 18h00 (CAT)

June 23 No. 130

Piano Hour Play, Piano, Play!

A programme of items in popular and classical music styles that celebrate the versatility of the piano! The session acknowledges the winter solstice with themes of night, sleep, renewed energy - beginnings and ends!


June 26 No. 131

IN CONCERT - Concert Classics

Popular concert favourites from the repertoire for your listening and viewing pleasure. Includes Handel - The Harmonious Blacksmith, Liszt - Un sospiro, Schubert - Impromptu in G-flat and Chopin - Grand waltz brillante Op. 18.


June 30 No. 132

PIANO HOUR Mozaic Part 4

A unique programme of miniatures and tiny fragments presented in continuous play for a fascinating listening experience.


July 3 No. 133

IN CONCERT Classic adventures

A adventure through less-often heard classical works from the vast concert piano repertoire. Music by Chopin - Polonaises and Mazurkas, Beethoven - Sonata Op. 26 and music by Ravel.


July 7 No. 134

PIANO HOUR - Questions & Answers

Submit your questions by e-mail or WhatsApp 0834174473! Duigan will attempt to answer and discuss your queries on music, piano playing, and anything you wish to ask on this livestream, interleaved with musical examples.


July 10 No. 135

IN CONCERT Chopin Sonata

A majestic choice for the Saturday evening session - Chopin's grand Sonata No. 3.


July 14 No. 136


A selection of popular favourites from the repertoire from around the world in varied styles and genres!


July 17 No. 137

IN CONCERT Why Debussy

The music of Claude Debussy! Why his contribution to the piano repertoire and world of music is so important. Includes the popular Arabesque, Reverie, Images and a selection of Preludes inspired by the evocation of magical experiences of imagination, sight and sound.



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