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Monday, June 7, 2021


Westville Theatre Club is looking to stage Natural Causes, a murder mystery dark comedy, during September 2021.

WC is an amateur group in the sense that performers do not get paid for their work. Those interested in auditioning, should phone Jill Sysum on 083 782 1054.

Further details will be given and then if confirmed, an audition/read-through will be held at the club on June 20 from 14h00 to 16h00.

The play revolves around the employment of Vincent from the company Exodus, who enables clients who wish to, to depart the world with comfort and ease.

Celia, a hypochondriac of note, wants to go but she also wants to take her unwilling husband, Walter with her. When finding out that her hen-pecked husband is having an affair with his secretary, she is quite happy to help Angie (the secretary) and Walter on their way without their knowledge.

Angie, who is in the plot with Walter, just wants to see Celia depart so that she and Walter can leave for the West Indies with Celia’s money to have a great life together.

Vincent, who takes his work very seriously, has a few near shaves with the wrong people, but finally is on the right path to “assisting” Celia on her way – but there are twists and turns in the plot with people nearly being given the “dose”, actually given the “dose” and reviving, and then finally given the “dose”.

Withers is on a mission to “save” Walter.  He is a dedicated Samaritan but is not a very strong character and worries about everything.

Walter and Vincent are the main leads, Celia also has a lead role and Angie and Withers are supporting roles.

Although the ages of the main leads suggested for the play are 40 – 50 years, Jill has not stipulated ages as the one depends on the other, so let’s see who we get!



Walter Bryce - The husband who is having an affair with his secretary and is quite happy to help and encourage his wife to depart from the world anytime soon. He is a weak character and has been nagged and harried by his wife for years, but doesn’t have the strength to stand up to her.


Vincent - The man from Exodus, a company who assists people who are ready to depart from this world. He is very serious about his job, has an inferiority complex regarding his education, but is very matter of fact, and prosaic and comfortable about the whole procedure, which he has done many times.

Celia Bryce - Pale and languid.  She is a hypochondriac of note and is quite ready to depart this world. She thinks she would also like to take her husband with her and on discovering his affair, she is quite willing to bump of the mistress with no regrets.

Angie – The mistress/secretary. She is in her late 20s, attractive, with an independent, strong-willed tilt to her chin. She is in on the plot to let Celia depart the world so that she and Walter can get on with their lives with Celia’s money and depart for the West Indies.

Withers – The Samaritan who has been called in by Walter to dissuade Celia (or anybody) from taking this final step.  Walter really wants Withers to stop him from being forced to take a step he does not want to take. Withers is an intense looking man. His age is pretty flexible, but not too young. He is a dedicated Samaritan, but worries about everything, and can be easily led up the garden path.


For more information, phone Jill Sysum on 083 782 1054