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Thursday, August 5, 2021


 Billy Joel To Sting this weekend and Elvis next weekend at Rhumbelow Durban have both been postponed due to cast members having to Covid isolate.

These shows have replaced with the following events.

August 8 at 14h00: All New Rhumbelow Pub Quiz – Rhumbelow Durban

August 8 at 14h00: Blarney & Son - Rhumbelow Pietermaritzburg (Allan Wilson Shellhole)

August 14 and 15 at 14h00: Aaron McIlroy 's The Loser – Rhumbelow Durban

August 14 & 15:  Synchronicity - Rhumbelow Tina's (Tina’s Hotel, Kloof)

August 15 at 14h00: Hot August Night at Rhumbelow Northlands (Northlands Bowling Club)

Roland Stansell, who runs the Rhumbelow Theatre circuit makes this passionate plea: “Bottom line- The Rhumbelow needs to raise R6,000 per month to cover insurance and our social media network including our mailing system and social media platforms. 60 people at R100-00 each. We have enough money for August month-end ONLY. Thanks for donations as we have covered the July month end costs.

“Please either support our LOSS SERIES _ email for a list of shows available for streaming or make a donation. Over 100 shows available.

“Please email us how many are watching with a minimum donation of R100 per head and we will send you the show’s link. Please support this initiative to keep the Rhumbelow afloat and it will help the relevant performers keep bread and butter on the table. All donations welcome. Email

Banking Details for Rhumbelow Theatre

Branch Code: Nedbank Musgrave 130126

Generic Branch Code: 198 765

Acc No: 2301348474 (SAVINGS)

Name Of Account: Rhumbelow Theatre

Fax for Deposit Slip: 086 685 0300 (if not electronic transfer)

NB: The quality of video recordings and the age and size of performers may vary depending on when the video was recorded.