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Monday, August 23, 2021


(Right: Guy Buttery. Pic by Gillian Coetzee)

Celebrated Durban Musician, Guy Buttery, composes soundscape for 23rd JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience which runs online from August 24 to September 5, 2021.

Buttery is one of South Africa’s most innovative and inspiring musicians. His international reach has surpassed merely performing concerts to foreign audiences, and has evolved into being an ambassador for South African music, inspiring people across the world with his home-grown style at the very heart of his talent and tenacity. Buttery’s distinct unification of South African guitar music is the musical advocate for everything positive and beautiful about the place he calls home.

JOMBA! is ecstatic to be partnering with Buttery for the 23rd edition on the festival’s beautiful signature introduction video that will be screened before each and every event at the festival. Artistic Director of JOMBA!, Lliane Loots says, “Guy’s music is what makes me wake up in the morning – it feels like that deep inner yearning we all have to just sit with beauty. Since this is what dance is for me, I can think of no better collaboration!”

The track Kya Baat being used by JOMBA! was originally written for a small ensemble in the form of acoustic guitar, sitar and table. Buttery says, “it is a deceptively simple modal tune, the piece moves through a variety of time signatures and was largely inspired by works of Robbie Basho and Ravi Shankar's orchestral work. Think Led Zeppelin meets Lord of the Rings".

“The JOMBA! intro has been exquisitely edited by Wesley Maherry and features a small taster of dance companies presenting work at JOMBA! – it is a cacophony of sound and dance that will leave you breathless for more! Another reason to tune into JOMBA! on opening night: Tuesday August 24 at 19h00 SAST,” says Loots.

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Also coming up from Buttery: “One Morning in Gurgaon” is available from September 10, 2021. Recorded in India with Mohd. Amjad Khan on tabla and Mudassir Khan on sarangi. You can find more information on his Bandcamp page: