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Sunday, January 2, 2022


(Above: Musa Hlatshwayo

DanceXercise is a dance fitness programme which was started by well-known award-winning dancer Musa Hlatswayo’s Mhayise Productions in response to the public's demand for fun dance exercise classes. As an extension to the Movement Laboratory, the company has then put together ‘The danceXercise Lab’ programme which is sure to get masses dancing themselves into shape. This programme is set to have three-weekly sessions that will each last an hour, excluding post-class stretching.

The company has choreographed classes of easy-to-learn fun dance exercises from the current popular songs and dance styles that will have the participants dancing and singing along while strengthening, toning and bursting calories in an intense–but-fun 1 hour class.

These exercises have been choreographed to popular songs and dance styles ranging from hip-hop, sbujwa, gqomu, afro-jazz, house music and many others. The exercises borrow from taebo, afro-zumba, marabi/ sophiatown township jazz, step aerobics and most importantly from the current local dance styles – stylized into fitness exercises.


Participants will be required to pay a once-off joining fee of R150 and a monthly fee of R100. Some basic gym merchandise will be sold to the participants in the form of T-shirts, sweatbands and many others. Debit order systems and or annual payment plans will be allowed. Members who opt to pay a once-off annual fee will get the benefits of one free month and a free ticket to one of Mhayise Productions’ local dance seasons.

DanceXercise Lab participants will be encouraged to consider taking free extra dance classes with the Movement Laboratory on Saturdays. The programme will also have relations with other local fitness programmes where they will get to collaborate on excursions, outings and bootcamps. Such will be planned and communicated separately where separate charges will apply.

Dates and times

Mondays and Wednesdays: 17h00 – 18h00

Saturdays: 08h30-09h30. (Saturdays: March 18 and March 25 (08h30-19h30) will be free demonstrative classes with the 25th being the official opening session of the programme.

Participants will then be required to join and pay their joining fee on the 25th of every month.

What to bring:

Your movement clothes, comfortable running or dancing tekkies, a juice bottle, a face towel, your joining fee and a friend.

Members will be allowed to bring in 1 friend or family member to one session per month.

DanceXercise programmes will take place at The Stable Theatre which is situated at 115 Johannes Nkosi/ Alice Street and has plenty of secure parking space inside the complex with a security guard at the gate.

For more information contact or instagram: the_dancexercise_lab