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Thursday, February 24, 2022


KZNSA is pleased to present Fishers' Tales, opening March 2, 2022.

Fishers’ Tales is an arts-based storytelling project that collects the wondrous tales that fishers enjoy telling about their ocean adventures. This project explores fishers’ connections and emotional bonds to the ocean using a visual storytelling approach. Each story is accompanied by a unique artwork. 

The Fishers’ Tales exhibition also provides a platform to showcase the work done by young and emerging artists in Durban, as the project is specifically aimed to support creative students studying in the city.

The project contributes towards a bigger One Ocean Hub project for inclusive and transformative approaches to ocean governance. The project is managed by the Urban Futures Centre in partnership with the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA), and it is funded through the Deep Emotional Engagement Programme (DEEP) Fund (administered by the One Ocean Hub programme).

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Fishers Tales runs until April 3, 2022. For more information visit


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