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Sunday, March 13, 2022


(Right: Barry Lovegrove: December 5 1956 to 6 March 2022)

Steinway pianist Christopher Duigan – well-known for his Music Revival programmes - pays tribute to Barry Lovegrove, his partner of 28 years, who died suddenly last Sunday morning:

Barry was the reason I returned to South Africa after studies in England.

Barry created a magnificent home and garden for us, Casa Mexicana in Pietermaritzburg. Through years of back-breaking work, he built, landscaped and transformed every square inch of the property with his own hands. Barry created this with the intention of providing a platform for my performances and has subsequently been visited by numerous guests for the concerts I have presented here for over 20 years.

Our home has also functioned as a space for my fellow musicians, local and international, to be hosted, rehearse and perform. Being able to assist and support my career in every possible way gave Barry great pleasure, as did my being able to do the same for him.

Barry was also the man behind the 'desk' in this live-stream series over the last 20 months creating the beautiful images and managing the stream. Framing beautiful images with his deft camerawork and switching from view to view in sympathetic response to my piano playing, his task was managed so seamlessly that many are unaware of his role.

Barry was an extraordinary individual who will be remembered by everyone who met him.

Duigan’s tribute to Barry can be viewed at: or