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Friday, March 25, 2022


The Westville Theatre Club’s 2022 One Act Play Festival is in full swing. Cast have been cast, Plays have been selected, Directors are directing, and all are filled with fun and anticipation for an amazing festival!

Theatre supporters are urged to book and support this Festival. It is an opportunity to showcase new ideas and for trying new things, this is how a theatre club grows. This festival will give budding playwrights, directors, producers and actors a chance to spread their wings.

The Festival consists of three 20 minute plays, The Legs, Jump and Degas C’est Moi, and two ten minute dramas, Surprise and I do You Die. Then there is I Still Have You, a journey of discovery by a mother and daughter and Lady Killers comprised of four monologues.

THE LEGS - A comedy written and directed by Andrew Frangs

March 26 at 14h00; April 1 & 2 at 19h00.

Cast: Kerry White, Hayley Hore, Tyrone O;Neill, Chante be Bog, Jonathan Payne, Nelvia Rawheath, Reicene Pillay, Ocean Postman.

Mildred is hosting a birthday party for her neighbour. Before the party is about to begin, she comes across a pair of legs in her flowerbed. Panicking, she decides to conceal them, much to horror of her husband and her best friend. Needless to say, the party does not go off without a hitch.

The Legs comes with all the usual suspects, murder, betrayal, lies, denial, and a fair amount of alcohol.


JUMP— A drama by Ryan Naamdhew Directed by Brandon Strydom

March 25, 26, 31 at 18h30 for 19h00 and April 2 at 13h30 for 14h00.

Cast: Ocean Postman, Nathan Hill, Nelvia Rawheath, Chante de Bod, Shakeel Khan & Zaskia Janse van Nieuwenhuuisen.

A boy named Navii, draped in a pink dress, ascends a building, steps slowly towards the edge of it ... However, he is interrupted from his “fate” by a man named London who has been contemplating every day whether to jump or not. London’s curiosity gets the better of him and Navii wants to find out more about this strange man living on top of the building. They slowly unravel the mystery of each other’s pasts, their minds and the true nature for their ascension, all the while a quirky fellow with a box of popcorn watches them and a deadly supernatural presence lurks all around.


DEGAS C’EST MOI – an off-the-wall comedy - by David Ives

Directed by Jill Sysum.

March 25, 26, & 31 at 18h30 for 19h00. Also April 2 at 13h30 for 14h00

This wonderfully whacky play will take the audience on a glorious journey. Ed wakes up one morning and decides he is Degas…. Edgar Degas! the grandmaster painter who is famous for all eternity. There are a chorus of characters weaving in and out of Ed’s day. He finds everything more meaningful now. His city is gloriously polychromatic. Ed draws the audience into his world of Degas paintings, where nothing is real, or is it? How does Ed’s day end? Will reality be his oppressor? Or will he find his muse?


I STILL HAVE YOU. Written and directed by Melanie Visser

March 25, 226 & 31 at 18h30 for 19h00. Also April 2 at 13h30 for 14h00.

Cast: Damayanti Visser and Melanie Visser

A humorous, yet heart-warming, depiction of the intricate relationship between a mother and daughter. Share in the laughter and wipe away a tear, as they navigate their way through a typical day—negotiating life, love, loss…. and the occasional, hilarious mishap.

Join in the journey towards coming of age and the ups and downs to finding the meaning of life or more specifically the meaning of your life.


SURPRISE— Written by Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by Daniel Oosthuizen

March 24 at 18h30 for 19h00 (preview only); March 26 at 13h30 for 14h00. Also April 1 and 2 at 18h30 for 19h00.

Cast: Nathan Hill, Jonathan Payne & Ocean Postman.

A ten-minute comedy, with a two-minute mystery.

Dating and romance can be really challenging,

especially if you are psychic….!


Also on the festival programme:

I DO, YOU DIE - a Thriller by Carrie McCrossen, directed by Daniel Oosthuizen. Marriage, a fight till a far would you go to survive?

LADY KILLERS — Written by Tori Telfer, directed By Banele Khomo

Told in 4 distinctive vignettes, this engaging piece explores the journeys, complexities and challengers of being a modern woman who kills.


The Festival is being held at the Westville Theatre Club (next to the Westville Swimming Pool) in St James Avenue. Tickets R100 per person per night …but if you book for BOTH nights it’s R150 for the two nights (Friday & Saturday) i.e. you get to see all 6 plays for R150 (Pensioners and Students R80 per person per night). For a matinee it will be R100 per person.

Booking details: Contact Dorothy on 083 776 1754 or phone Andrew on 083 7852428 or Daniel on 060 3768852

Bank details: Westville Theatre Club Standard Bank Westville Branch, Branch Code: 045 426 Account No: 25 254 834 5 Reference: date/name of person booking/no of seats eg 28ANOther4

All Covid protocols will be strictly observed.

For more information and to join Westville Theatre Club, contact Caroline on 082 879 0771. Or visit