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Monday, April 11, 2022


(Left: Amy-Lee Tak’s artwork is featured on the newly-launched Maca Mylk Bar)

Art, Chocolate and NFTs – a unique collaboration gives an honest brand the chance to do more good.

Already set apart as a purpose-led business using ethically sourced ingredients, Honest Chocolate is taking the blend of creativity and sustainability one step further.

Honest Chocolate is carving a name for itself within South Africa by creating a chain of sustainable positivity with their ethically-sourced, bean to bar artisanal chocolate. Using handcrafted methods and organically produced ingredients, the brand serves up pure chocolate delights with a deliciously distinctive taste that are healthier for chocolate lovers and the environment.

However, their sustainable ethos does not only apply to their products. The brand has taken their purpose one step further by giving emerging South African artists the space to freely express their creativity on their artist range of wrappers. This collaboration underpins their commitment to creating a holistic experience for their customers that touches all the senses and sets them apart in a category dominated by large FMCG brands.

The latest artist to be showcased is Amy-Lee Tak. Her artwork is featured on the newly-launched Maca Mylk Bar which forms part of the Mylk Range which is a chocolate range that uses alternative mylks. Amy-Lee lives and works in Cape Town and is a self-taught artist with five years of experience as a professional painter. Her work depicts unapologetic rest, comfort and freedom in one’s own skin, mirroring her own aspirations for softness and self-love. “I am very excited to be part of this, to both expose my ideas and to sell my art using both the traditional way of selling art as well as a more modern medium,” says Tak. 

“Honest Chocolate has always wanted to do more for emerging South African artists. Now we can provide a unique platform to help showcase their work.,” says Anthony Gird, co-founder of Honest Chocolate. But simply featuring artists is not where the story ends. “We often get asked for posters of our wrapper artwork but have never offered that before. Now we have created two avenues for fans to truly become a part of the experience,” says Gird. The campaign offers a limited number of actual signed prints of the artwork by the artist which will be available for sale, as well as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) range.

NFT’s allow artists and consumers/investors to purchase a “signed” digital version of the art piece. In addition, it has the added value that you can add a smart contract to it. In Honest Chocolate’s case, they are providing a 10% discount on anything purchased via their online store for a year from the date of purchasing the NFT plus exclusive videos. This will be the first of a range of NFTs that will be available, but as the brand releases new artist ranges there will be more available. Secondary sales of the NFT’s (i.e., between the buyer and a secondary buyer) will have a 10% royalty being paid back to the artist, so they get a direct share in the increasing value of their art. A portion of all proceeds is also going to the Cape Rape Crisis Project, which is supported by the artist, building a lasting chain of positivity.

“We are excited to try something new that provides more opportunities for more people to benefit from ethical products. There is immediate value for our fans in the discounts they receive and hopefully long-term gain for them and the artist as the value of the art-works increases over time. No brands have tried this before in SA, so we have yet to see how the public reacts - but we are excited to try something new,” concludes Gird.

Find out more about how to buy the NFTs on the Honest Chocolate website visit