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Thursday, April 7, 2022


(AboveKumseela Naidoo, Koobeshen Naidoo, Henry Ramkissoon & Yugan Naidoo from Dingalings Production Company, pictured at Sibaya Theatre)

Leading comedy and performing arts group take over Sibaya Theatre, building KwaZulu-Natal’s entertainment venue of choice.

When three university buddies reunited in the peak of their professional careers, who would have guessed that almost two decades later they would have produced more than 30 fringe theatre productions, radio dramas and enjoyed the glitz and glamour of the big screen.

This is the story of Koobeshen Naidoo, Henry Ramkissoon and Yugan Naidoo, who together form Dingalings Production Company. Today the trio is poised to take the next step in their careers from artists to artist administrators, moving from the spotlight in front of the curtain to the drama behind the curtains.

The Dingalings recently participated in a public tender put out by Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom and are now the new kids on the block managing IZulu Theatre and Sibaya Theatre.

The vision of the team is to ensure that these venues become the entertainment venue of choice for all those in the province looking to be entertained. Beyond entertainment, the group will shortly announce plans for the creation of EDUTAINMENT venues, where Durban’s corporates can be entertained and empowered by combining traditional corporate programmes with a dash of theatre to entertain, educate and empower.

Kumseela Naidoo, Dingaling’s head of marketing and PR, said that the award of the tender to the group “was a reward to the group for the many years of giving back to the community”.

“The Dingalings are a much-loved brand and now being the other side will demonstrate the group’s collective power and popularity as they bring a wonderful mix of skills in arts, education and commerce. We believe that these capabilities are the foundation for a successful future ahead,” she said.

While the Dingalings will be performing behind the curtain, audiences can still expect their creative comedy shows. Henry Ramkissoon said that his brand of comedy, while risqué was “still loved by hundreds of fans across the country and once bitten by the performing bug, you always need a fix of audience laughter to keep positive and young.”

Koobeshen Naidoo said he was looking forward to the work of transforming the space with a livelier and more energising atmosphere. “With the decimating impact of Covid on many artists, I hope that the venues will allow artists an opportunity to present their work and recoup from the years of having no work,” he said.

While Covid has in many respects created a heightened audience on social media, Naidoo said he believed that as the state of disaster had been lifted, “the power and energy of the theatre will inspire audiences to lay down their devices and enjoy the lights and energy of live entertainment”.

The Company is in the process of consolidating an ensemble of performers to ensure that the spaces become the entertainment destination of choice, and so actors, dancers, singers, and anyone with talent waiting to be unleashed can send a one-minute video and resume to

Interested artists can email the same address to request an Expression of Interest form for application for use of the venue.

The space is also ideal for corporates and teams. Offering unique team building interventions to help engage your workforce. Corporate Conferencing packages are also available with accommodation at the Sibaya Lodge and host of eateries providing a harmonious and one stop shop for all corporate needs.


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