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Thursday, May 26, 2022


(Above: Marinus Gubitz & Tarryn Wyngaard)

The exciting and beautifully crafted feature, The First Last Tour, produced by Azania Productions (Blessers, Mr Johnson), has been picked up by Amazon Prime Video and is currently streaming on the service.

Directed by the multi-talented David Kau (Taxi Ride, Blitspatrollie), written by Marinus Gubitz (Vlugtig, Onortokods) and Rorisang Motuba (Vutha, The Impostor), The First Last Tour was shot on location in Johannesburg and is produced by the late Malebo Manamela.

Stefan, a young wannabe rapper hits rock bottom when his career tanks, his girlfriend leaves him, he’s homeless, his only family is a drug dealing brother and, to top it all, he learns that the woman he had a one-night stand with is pregnant with his child. With all his hardships playing out on social media, Stefan sees suicide as the only way out. Enter a group of angels led by the raven-haired Ella, determined to save him from himself.

This fast-paced, unconventional road movie, set in contemporary South Africa, looks at the pressures faced by young adults trying to negotiate their way in what is often a complicated and unforgiving world. It shows that, no matter the hardship, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes it just requires a new perspective.

The First Last Tour is a perfect vehicle for our company,” says Aimee Dherman, producer at Azania Productions. “We are constantly looking for exciting, new, young voices and different genres to add to our slate of titles. Marinus Gubitz is a very talented, fresh voice and a great storyteller. We are proud of this little film that enchants and offer inspiration and hope.”

The film stars Marinus Gubitz, Tarryn Wyngaard (Arendsvlei, Waterfront), Bonko Khoza (Necktie Youth) and featuring Rouge, Nadia Nakai and Siya Seya.

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