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Tuesday, May 24, 2022


(Left: Kogie Naidoo)

Renowned writer, producer and director Kumaran Naidu’s (Broken Promises and Run for Your Life franchises) latest comedy feature film, The Good, The Old and the Greedy has been picked up by Amazon Prime Video and is currently streaming via the service.

The Good, The Old and The Greedy follows the desperate antics of Terrance, a shady dealer, a Jack of all deals, and troublemaker of note. His greed has landed him in debt to some very dangerous individuals who now want him to pay up…or else.

Terrance learns that his granny, Lutchmi, is worth millions and that he is named as a beneficiary in her will. Determined to get his hands on the inheritance and settle his debts with the bad guys, he hires the innocent, dim-witted Melissa to ‘take care’ of granny. However, he is not prepared for the unintended consequences of his actions.

Naidu has imagined a laugh-a-minute scenario where the granny can see straight through her grandson’s plot and manages to turn the tables. He soon realises that he has bitten off more than he can chew and doesn’t stand a chance against his wily, almost super-human grandmother.

“I loved the idea of a grandson, a man of low morals who will do anything for money, including murder, getting his comeuppance at the hands of an elderly woman who he sees as a pushover,” says Naidu. “This is a great recipe for the unexpected and fertile ground for comedy.”

The Good, The Old and The Greedy stars Kogie Naidoo (Kings of Mulberry Street, Broken Promises), Theshen Naicker (Broken Promises, Hello Darlings, Sheila Here!), Logan Ramalu (The House Knows, Broken Promises), musician Ross Rasmunder, Sherilene Sukram, Bash with Tash and Hena Rubykisoon.

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