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Thursday, June 9, 2022


(Above: Major Ndlovu with some of his works. Pic by Shelley Kjonstad, courtesy of Independent on Saturday)

The Major Ndlovu Exhibition at Woza Moya at the Hillcrest Aids Centre opens on June 25, 2022.

Major Ndlovu was born in 1989/10/15 at Umbumbulu South Coast of Durban in KZN. He participated at the Bat Centre on their one-year Visual Art Residence. Also attended Velobala Art Classes in DUT (City Campus) hosted by the African Art Centre. He’s been mentored by Malibongwe Shangase in his printing studio more than four years.

Ndlovu was a member of Amasosha Art Movement which is a vibrant collective of young Durban artists, that promotes hard work, solidarity and collaboration of ideas amongst artists.

His work questions the personal freedom of figures/people in their daily duties in his community. He looks around positive and negative sides of neglected chores and comment to those affairs. He is a multi-media artist who uses different mediums such as coffee as a wash, mono print, charcoal, acrylic paint and woodcut to express his feelings. His painting: Titled Indoda-KAZI Major describes the work as: “This work embraces power, dignity, and the secret of the secret behind black women. That’s why she has butterfly on her shoulder for her guidance. To Africans, butterflies are a symbol of life. Their presence gives hope for a better tomorrow.”

The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is situated at 26 Old Main Road in Hillcrest. Email: #wozaartistswall