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Monday, June 13, 2022


Their last hoorah “house cooling” party had me chuckling at the Talbot families’ antics and dynamics.  (Review by Christine E. Hann)

I found Sophie Kinsella’s The Party Crasher to be a fun, engaging read about a family and their nostalgia when the old family home must be sold. Their last hoorah “house cooling” party had me chuckling at the Talbot families’ antics and dynamics.

All is not always what one thinks, neither are one’s memories always correct is something the main character Effie discovers as she goes against the advice of big sister Bean as she just can’t make amends and face her father and the ghastly Krista - who has taken the place of their precious Mimi (stepmother) - at the final party and breakfast the day after.

She decides instead to attend in secret and hides and lurks throughout the event with the help of Bean, and her old boyfriend Joe, driven by her need to find and rescue her precious Russian dolls. We follow Effie’s tangled efforts, meet her brother Gus, his bossy girlfriend Romilly, Humph, and many more. The console table proves that yet again it is a great place to hide during family meals. But remember, the hider doesn’t always like what they hear. Effie hears but does she learn? You need to read on to find out.

That is not the end of the story by far. The reader is sure to have several laughs, just as I did as they traverse the house, the party, and the family’s antics. Not to forget those ‘Russian Dolls’ that Effie is hunting for. Does she find them and their special secret?

Sophie Kinsella is the pen name of international bestselling British author Madeleine Sophie Wickham. She has had several number one best sellers, including the highly popular Shopaholics series, of which two were adapted into a film. She also writes novels under the name Madeleine Wickham. The author’s books are sold and translated internationally. She lives in the UK with her husband and five children

Some of the other books by the same author: The Shopaholics series, Twenties Girl, Remember Me.

Kinsella’s style is humorous, easy to follow and read. The Party Crasher set the scene perfectly and the nostalgia of the family at leaving their old home was relatable, as were much of the family dynamics.  -  Christine E Hann

The Party Crasher is published by Penguin Random House UK – 2021:  ISBN: 978-1-7876-3030-7