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Tuesday, July 26, 2022


The Durban FilmMart and film industry magazine, AWOTELE are pleased to announce a media partnership for the duration of the mart which takes place from July 22 to 31, 2022.

The partnership includes branding, advertising and collaboration across the DFM and AWOTELE platforms.

AWOTELE is a Pan-African film critic magazine created in 2015 and published by SUDU CONNEXION on the occasion of the continent’s three major festivals; Ouagadougou Pan-African Film and Television Festival in Burkina Faso, Durban International Film Festival in South Africa and Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia.

AWOTELE, a bilingual, French and English magazine, promotes African films and the continent’s little-read film critics.

Magdalene Reddy, General Manager of DFM says the collaboration between the DFM and AWOTELE is important for African film and voices. “It is important for the African film industry to collaborate in an effort to show our expertise, tell our stories and reach wider audiences,” she said.

AWOTELE magazine offers readers a variety of views and attention is paid to the iconography, to visually highlight the film works while references are compiled at the end of each article so that readers can find the films or works of interest to them.

Claire Diao of AWOTELE said: "By supporting this kind of international, bilingual and independent magazine, institutions also support African voices and talents who are not heard or seen enough. The Pandemic did quite affect our resources, but we are still publishing. By subscribing to this 7-year-old magazine, you also prove and support the idea that a film magazine by African film critics focusing on African films is not a dream, but an important resource”.

In addition, AWOTELE and DFM have a long history as many of the magazine contributors have been part of Durban Talents Press and Mentors including, Claire Diao (France / Burkina Faso), Derin Ajao (Nigeria), Domoina Ratsara (Madagascar), Franklin Ugobude (Nigeria), Wilfred Okiche (Nigeria), Hélio Nguane (Mozambique), Nkululeko Zilibokwe (South Africa), Mandimby Maharo (Madagascar), Cornelia Glele (Benin), Djia Mambu (Belgium / Democratic Republic Congo).

Delegates attending the DFM can order the latest copy of the Awotele#22 PDF magazine and add the voucher code DFM 2022 to receive it for free.


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