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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Since 2017, the Side by Side Symphony has been an annual event at Reddam House uMhlanga. It began as a collaboration between the Durban City Orchestra and KZN Philharmonic hosted by Reddam House uMhlanga and has grown to encompass multiple youth and professional orchestras - a true testament to the talent shown, and relationships built by the Reddam House Umhlanga Music Department.

Reddam House Umhlanga will be presenting their annual Side by Side Symphony live at the school’s Muir Auditorium for the first time in two years.

This massed orchestra concert features the combined talents and skills of KZN’s top ensembles including the KZN Youth Orchestra, KZN Youth Wind Band and the professional KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, all playing alongside the Reddam House uMhlanga Preparatory and College orchestras, marimba band and choirs.

The combined Reddam House Umhlanga Senior Preparatory & College Orchestras comprise 42 musicians playing violin, cello, double bass and clarinet. The KZN Philharmonic is a professional orchestra - thus all adults. Young musicians from the KZN Youth Orchestra and KZN Youth Wind Band will be joining the Reddam Orchestras and KZN Philharmonic to make up this massed orchestra spectacular.

The "Side by Side" aspect (and name) is derived from the fact that the professional musicians (KZN Philharmonic) will be playing literally alongside young Reddam House uMhlanga musicians and the top KZN Youth ensembles, imparting their considerable experience and knowledge to the next generation of orchestral players.

With over 250 musicians on stage, this performance promises to be a not-to-be-forgotten evening of music.

Tickets can be booked via this link:

Reddam House is situated at 21A Preston Drive, Prestondale, uMhlanga