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Sunday, September 4, 2022


(Right: Bryan Hiles)

Well-known Durban-based theatre personalities Bryan Mark Hiles, Cara Roberts and Clare Mortimer were in a serious car crash 4 weeks ago. All three will downplay how lucky they are to be here. While all three humans are thankfully on the mend, Bryan's bakkie has been written off.

As Clare Mortimer explains: "A man ran a red light and t-boned the car. Bryan's bakkie has given great service to the theatre industry for a decade. "Lady C", as she was called, has done many trips as favours to friends and colleagues. The car is too old, and has done too many kilometres for the insurance to justify fixing it.

“At the moment it looks as if Bryan will get around R30,000 for the scrapping of the car. Of course, this goes nowhere near what it would cost to replace this intrepid vehicle. Cara, too, has also lost her car due to engine failure. The two most helpful people in Durban are now carless.

“This cannot be right. I can't imagine not seeing the little Chevy Spark or Bryan's orange bakkie (he says it's maroon) outside Glenwood Spar. As you will know, we in the live arts industry have had a difficult two years, with no income at all. All savings were spent, and we are just trying to settle our debts. Bryan has been active all the way through - plays to small audiences, workshops at schools. I think he has touched many of our lives. He would never do this for himself, so I ask you to do it for him."

Close friend, lighting designer Tina le Roux adds: “Literally everyone in the Durban theatre industry knows Bryan and his bakkie. Onstage in so many Kickstart Theatre, Theatresmiths and Think Theatre productions. But also so willing and helpful behind the scenes with everything and anything. There is not a single person Bryan hasn't helped with that car - to fetch, carry, move house, move set, furniture and props with absolutely no expectations in return.

“Clare Mortimer has started a back a buddy campaign to help raise funds to get Bryan mobile again. After lockdown and no proper work for our industry for over two years - I promise R100 would make a difference to getting Bryan back on the road. With a car, Bryan makes so much possible for all of us in this industry and you wouldn't be just helping Bryan, but in fact all of us. Here is our chance to be lekker and help a mate. I can't think of anyone more deserving.”

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