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Monday, September 12, 2022


The Hilton Arts Festival runs from September 23 to 25, 2022, at Hilton College in Hilton. There is a wide variety of events, many of them free.

These are the shows in the music programme: Booking is at Quicket



Father and daughter, Adrian and Emma … Jean Galliard shot to fame after uploading a video of the Bocelli / Dion hit, The Prayer, to Facebook on Easter Sunday ,2020.The video was an instant hit and it quickly climbed to 6 million views.

Accidentally Viral tells the story of how their sudden and unexpected fame kicked off a fairytale musical adventure complete with international acclaim and comical incidents of mistaken identity. The show features favourites such as Hallelujah, You Are The Reason and of course, the song that started it all, The Prayer, while the duo share fascinating insights into their experiences along the way. It will delight both young and old alike with its beautiful music and compelling storytelling alongside the pair’s trademark banter.

Written and directed by Kirsty Galliard, with musical direction by Kevin Greenberg.

Dates/Times: Friday 23 at 18h00; Saturday 24 at 20h00; Sunday 25 at 14h00 (running time: 70 minutes)

Venue: Music Auditorium

Tickets: R120. Booking at Quicket



Internationally-acclaimed concert pianist, and a popular favourite at the Hilton Festival, Christopher Duigan plays a superb programme of turbulent and dramatic classical piano music in the Hilton College Chapel. Included are Ludwig van Beethoven’s popular Pathétique Sonata Op. 13 and Liszt's Dante Sonata. A composition with the most dramatic music, the Dante Sonata, inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, together with Sposalizio, and Sonetto 104 del Petrarca which Duigan includes, form part of the composer's most sublime and compelling music from The Years of Pilgrimage: Italy.

Pre-lockdown, Christopher Duigan was one of South Africa's busiest concert artists. His performances ranged from those of the core classical repertoire, both as soloist with orchestra and in recital to music well beyond the classical repertoire. His strong sense of community was shown in his active promotion of his regular Music Revival concerts across KZN and other parts of the country. During lockdown, he reached an unprecedented number of new audiences with a series of free to view, hour-long livestreams from his home studio, logging up over 75,000 viewing hours on YouTube alone.

Dates/Times: Sunday 25 at 11h00 (Duration 70 minutes)

Venue: Chapel

Tickets: R150. Booking at Quicket



Fresh from earning an Ovation Award at the 2022 National Arts Festival, this tribute, starring Kerry Hiles, is at once beautiful and tragic, the stuff legends are made of. Our heroine is a petite blonde, so shy and unsure of her talent that she would never realise the degree of her gift during her own lifetime. Her largest audience was a handful of people. She died at the age of 33. But, as with all great legends, what seemed to be the end was actually the beginning. With Fields Of Gold, Over The Rainbow and Fever, as well as familiar jazz, gospel and blues numbers, audiences will laugh, cry, and celebrate a singer who was discovered too late. Guitarist, Rob Thompson, and drummer, Kristo Zondagh, complete the trio.

Dates/Times: Friday 23 at 20h15, Saturday 24 at 14h00, Sunday 25 at 10h00 (Duration 60 minutes)

Venue: Music Auditorium

Tickets: R160. Booking at Quicket.



An ode to the lives of Ivor Novello, the matinee idol, Noel Coward, the quintessential English gentleman and the American playboy, Cole Porter. Think of a certain suave, urbane style that reigned in theatre and the movies during the ’20s and ’30s. Think of cigarettes, smoking jackets and cocktails. Think of cynical epigrams, and sexy, witty, world-weary songs. It is sheer entertainment and might be just what we all need right now. Starring Daniel Anderson, accompanied by Germainne Gamiet, this little gem entails a series of vignettes round each of the Boys and, of course the songs that made them immortal.

Dates/Times: Friday 23 at 16h00, Saturday 24 @ 16h00 (Duration 60 minutes)

Venue: Music Auditorium

Tickets: R160. Booking at Quicket



Roland Perold leads this charming trip down memory lane as he explores hits from the Golden Age of Musical Theatre, featuring composers like Bernstein, Gershwin, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sondheim and others. The debonair Perold entertains from the piano with a new twist on many familiar tunes that have shaped the careers of these iconic composers. Armed with his deep love of the genre, anecdotes are shared, and important questions asked: Why is it that characters in musicals burst into song!? And just how do you solve a problem like Maria?

For more information visit:

Dates/Times: Saturday 24 at 10h00 and 18h00 (Duration 50 minutes)

Venue: Music Auditorium

Tickets: R140. Booking at Quicket



Jason Robert Brown’s award-winning musical The Last Five Years is a one-act drama-comedy telling the bittersweet love story of Catherine Hiatt, a struggling actress, and Jamie Wellerstein, an up-and-coming novelist. This old story of love-found and love-lost is told in a fresh and new manner. Cathy reflects on their relationship from end to first meeting, whilst Jamie’s story moves chronologically. They meet only once, in the middle of the show. Featured in the role of Jamie is Fleur-Du-Cap nominee, Anthony Downing. Playing opposite him as Cathy, is Fleur-Du-Cap nominee Zoë McLaughlin. The production is directed by award-winning director Paul Griffiths with musical direction by Jaco Griessel. To fully realise Jason Robert Brown’s vision, the cast will be accompanied live on stage by an ensemble of six musicians.

Dates/Times: Friday 23 at 17h30, Saturday 24 at 14h30, Sunday 25 at 14h30 (Duration 80 minutes)

Venue: Hilton College Theatre

Tickets: R200. Booking at Quicket



Vincent van Gogh - a complex man, with a ruthless drive to create and who desired to love and be loved. Towards the end of his short life, Vincent, who suffered from mental illness, was treated by a Doctor Gachet. Vincent wrote to his brother, Theo: “A great fire burns within me, but no-one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke.” The 37-year-old painter died, impoverished, of a self-inflicted wound in 1890. His painting, The Portrait of Doctor Gachet, was sold, within three minutes, for $75m.

Now a multimedia cabaret written/directed by Amanda Bothma, with Musical Director/Pianist Germainne Gamiet; Starring Daniel Anderson.

A Bronze Ovation Award 2022 winner.

Dates/Times: Saturday 24 at 12h00, Sunday 25 at 12h00

Venue: Music Auditorium

Tickets: R160. Booking at Quicket


Festival Entry Fee:

Please note that there is an entrance fee of R100 per vehicle which is valid for all three days. You will be given a ticket on entry which you will need to take to Info or BoxOffice (both clearly marked). When you have paid you will be given an exit pass, valid for the duration. This income will assist cover the costs of Festival infrastructure

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