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Tuesday, September 13, 2022


(Pics by Val Adamson)

Fancy Footwork Finding Fusion. The entire evening of dance is something that will lift the spirit of any dance enthusiast. (Review by Verne Rowin Munsamy)

Before man could talk, he was dancing to express himself. Shall We Dance is a celebration of dance, the human body expressing itself through movement.

The South African Dance Teachers Association is proud to present the 28th anniversary of Shall We Dance, celebrating the diversity of dance styles that Durban has to offer, directed by Neville Letard and Caryl Cusens. This should have been the 30th anniversary but, like most theatre experiences, this too fell victim to the restrictions of Covid, having a two-year hiatus. This show has had a special place in my heart as my roots in dance stem from Ballroom Dance.

The opening dance was mesmerising as it focused on a fusion of dance styles sharing a common rhythm. We stage-housed ballet, ballroom, Latin American, contemporary, Celtic and classical Indian dance.

Marion Loudon is charming as the hostess of the evening, treating us to her smooth vocals amongst the dances. I chalk it up to personal preference but I was most captivated by the classical Indian dance fused with a contemporary twist performed by Rudra Dance Theatre.

My personal best dance of the night was performed by Brian and Londeka. They captured the spirit and energy of Ballroom dance to perfection. It was a treat to watch novice dancers from Durban Girls School, Glenwood High School and Young Dancer's Project hold their own against the more experienced dancer like Gerhard and Bianca.

The set design was simple with scrim cloths strategically hung and various heights to compile myriad looks. The slash curtain and star cloth are used to maximum effect to create the ideal backdrop for the dances. The costumes were stunning, creating the right look for a sexy rumba or an energetic jive. The lights were cheerful and delightful and were the perfect accompaniment to the dances.

The entire evening of dance is something that will lift the spirit of any dance enthusiast.

Shows run at the Playhouse Opera until September 11, 2022. - Verne Rowin Munsamy