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Tuesday, September 20, 2022



“Although I had my suspicions, I did not peg the final baddie(s) down till the book was almost done.”  (Review by Christine E. Hann)

Every collaboration between James Patterson and another author brings something new and different to the flavour of a James Patterson book. The Ninth Month was no exception to this observation. The book, whilst still being a fast-paced mystery thriller, is directed as more of a woman’s read. (Different words, tone, conversation used) This was interesting to me given that both authors are men.

The main character in this book is Emily Atkinson, a successful New York City marketing executive who lives in a luxury apartment and enjoys a high-flying glamourous lifestyle. She has, however, a few problems in the form of excessive binge drinking, some drugs as well, and there seem to be a few male partners around.

Emily has one party too many and when she wakes up in hospital, she discovers that not only does she need help with her habits, but also that she is pregnant! In hospital she meets Betsey, a specialist midwife, who also happens to be pregnant. The two become friends, as Betsey tries to help steer Emily back towards a healthier life, running, eating properly, and decent self-care.

In the area where Emily lives it seems that a series of women have gone missing, all pregnant. Emily is convinced she is being stalked, and that her pregnancy is under threat, not just from her own bad habits, but from someone evil out there.

We are led on a complex tale wondering who the father is, amongst several options presented, and get the distinct impression that some of her friends are not worthy of that title. Even the detectives trying to solve the missing women cases seem dubious. During all of this, with Emily and Betsey heavily pregnant, Emily goes missing. Panic stations abound as the pace hots up to a final climax.

Although I had my suspicions, I did not peg the final baddie(s) down till the book was almost done. A clever plot, well laid, that made for an exciting read.

Authors: James Patterson & Richard DiLallo. James Patterson is an American Author and Philanthropist, a prolific and popular author, who is known for his thriller and suspense novels. He has written over 140 books since 1976 and has sold over 380 million copies world-wide. He holds the New York Times #1 best seller record. The Ninth Month is one of his latest books. Richard Di Lallo was an Advertising Partner and Executive at several well-known Advertising agencies in the US. He is married with four grown children. He has known James Patterson for many years, having worked for and with the author during his advertising career. Some of the collaborations by the same authors: The Store, The Chef, The Midwife Murders, Triple Threat and books from the Alex Cross series. – Christine E Hann

The Ninth Month is published by Penguin Random House UK – 2022:  ISBN: 978-1-529-15981-3.