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Tuesday, November 29, 2022



(From left, Anele Mhlamvu, Aiden Luo, Charlize Buckley, Björn Krüger, Amy Luo, Josh Griffiths, Asanda Ntuli, Sung Au, Leander Scharf. Pic by Val Adamson)

All in all, this was a most satisfying and memorable concert. (Review by Keith Millar)

The Baroque 2000 concert at the Mariannhill Monastery Church this past Sunday offered something a bit different. In a glance into the future of classical music in our city, nine young musicians, mostly students of the Baroque 2000 members were featured as the soloists during the concert.

What an absolute delight it was. There was an exciting amount of talent on display, and all the Young Barockers (as they were dubbed) performed with confidence, skill and considerable elan. A credit not only to themselves but to those who have coached them and guided them to this excellent level of performance.

The programme was mostly made up with music from baroque masters Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel along with the lesser-known Giuseppe Rabboni. Maurice Green and Louis-Claude Daquin. An excellent choice. All of which resulted in a most enjoyable and uplifting morning of music.

To start the proceedings, the Baroque 2000 Ensemble set the tone for the concert with a lively performance of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Strings in G minor.

The first soloist was Anele Mhlamvu, a 21 year-old soprano who is studying at the UKZN Opera school. She has a rich, warm voice and provided and beautiful rendition of the Handel aria He Was Despised and Rejected from his oratorio, Messiah.

Next on the programme was the phenomenally-talented siblings Amy Luo (14) and her brother Aiden (11). The performed the 1st movement of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto in D minor.

It was great to see their teacher, Ralitza Macheva the Baroque 2000 concertmaster, standing with pride, like a mother hen, right behind them

Amy has been performing on stage with both violin and piano for many years. When I first saw her, she needed an extension to reach the piano pedals. Currently, she is the concertmaster for the KZN Youth Orchestra and remarkably after her solo she joined the main Baroque ensemble for the rest of the concert.

Charlize Buckley performed Italian flautist, composer and teacher, Giuseppe Rabboni’s, Flute Sonata No.7 in F. Backed only by the harpsichord and cello, she gave a sensitive and ethereal performance.

One of the most interesting items on the programme was a rendition of Vivaldi’s Sum in medio tempestatum RV632. Sung by Björn Krüger, a 14 year-old counter-tenor from Kearsney High School. He has a superb voice, and one only hopes he gets to keep it through adolescence.

Joshua Griffiths a slight 15 year-old boy did great justice to British composer Maurice Green’s Trumpet Tune accompanied by the church’s pipe organ.

Next was Leander Shaft who is home schooled. He was excellent on the Cello for the Vivaldi’s Cello Concerto in C Major RV399, playing alongside the KZNPO’s Principal Celest, Aristide du Plessis.

Another soprano from the UKZN Opera School, 20 year-old Asanda Ntuli was next up. She has a lovely lyrical voice with surprising power for such a slight young lady.

The final soloist was Jung An, a 14 year-old from Clifton School. He performed the 1st movement of Bach’s Violin Concert in A minor with panache.

To complete this superb concert everyone, the Orchestra and the Young Barockers, got together on stage for a rousing rendition of Louis-Claude Daquin’s (arr. Matthais Maute) Le Coucou.

All in all, this was a most satisfying and memorable concert.

The next Baroque 2000 concert (the last for the year) will take place at the Mariannhill Monastery on December 18 at 11h30. It will feature Christmas Music. Tickets at door.

For more information contact Michel Schneuwly at or on 082 303 5241. - Keith Millar

Baroque 2000 is sponsored by Die Rupert Musiekstigting