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Friday, December 16, 2022



The book is filled with intrigue, drama, and family secrets, which become the key to solving the murder.”  (Review by Christine E Hann)

Nothing More to Tell by Karen M McManus is set in Sturgis, Massachusetts. The main character is teenager Brynn Gallagher, a high school senior, whose family have moved back to the town when her father is transferred by his work, after spending four years in Chicago. Brynn must go back to her old high school, which does not please her, as she does not have happy memories of St Ambrose.

Before the family left Sturgis, the school’s favourite English teacher, Mr Larkin, was found murdered by three of Brynn’s fellow pupils in the woods behind the school. The killer was never found, and the case remains open.

Brynn wants to become an investigative journalist and takes an internship with a company that does true-crime podcasts, a decision that worries her family. Is this a wise and safe thing for her to do? Brynn, however, wants them to investigate the murder and help solve the case that has been bothering her and many of her fellow students since that day. Naturally, this involves some deception as she looks back into the case and those involved.

One of the three pupils who found the body used to be her best friend in high school, until the day Tripp Talbot humiliated her in front of their class, something she still doesn’t understand. Tripp is haunted to this day by the lies he has told to her and others. Even as he and Brynn slowly become friends again, his behaviour spirals downwards as details of the case become clearer. The stress of it all and his poor home life are affecting him, his behaviour in turn causes ripples with the others.

Does Brynn solve the case? Who wanted Mr Larkin dead and why? The book is filled with intrigue, drama, and family secrets, which become the key to solving the murder. Well-written, and sure to be a popular read within her target audience.

Karen M McManus is an American author of young adult mystery fiction, whose One of us is Lying book series has been turned into a popular television series available on Netflix. Her books have been translated into over 40 languages. Some of the other books by the same author include: The One of us is Lying series; Two can Keep a Secret; Two Cousins, and You will be the Death of Me – Christine E Hann

Nothing More To Tell is published by Penguin Random House UK – 2022:  ISBN: 978-0-241-47368-9.