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Monday, March 20, 2023



Framework – a guide for the building of something that expands the structure into something useful………

Frameworks, an offshoot of Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, offers an assortment of made-up frames that have been refurbished, techniqued or re-gilded, and generally been given a new lease of life. The Gallery has intentionally left the frames empty to enable customers to decide what they want to use it for – a mirror, a print, or a painting.

The best part for artists is the opportunity to buy a frame at a very reasonable price and then paint something to fit the size and the style. That way it is definitely less expensive than having to go into a framing shop to get a bespoke frame.

(Frameworks FW43german silver frame with ornate scroll work)

“It is great for artists to buy a frame, and get a canvas or paper, and paint to fit. And, of course, some of the big ones are marvellous for mirrors,” says Joy Reynolds, the owner of the gallery.

“We started it after the riots in late 2021, when everything was so quiet and we spent our days cleaning out the workshop and storage areas. Basically, I found we had so many good frames that clients had left with us and it seemed such a waste to toss them as so many of them were in good condition. It also kept my staff busy in refurbishing some of them and gave us heart, when it seemed everyone was emigrating!”

The frames are all housed at Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, 120 Florida Road, so you can see them there.

Phone 082 2100 641 or visit the online site at