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Monday, May 22, 2023



(Ayanda Luthuli. Photo credit: Givethanks communication)

Amaciko KwaZulu Art Project, supported by the Playhouse Company and National Arts Festival, will be presenting a physical, comedy theatre piece called Bucket-List.

Written by Sbahle Magwaza and directed by Thamsanqa Khumalo, it features stage manager Slindile Jili and production manager Nonjabulo Sibisi with young talented actor from Durban, Ayanda Luthuli.

Sbahle Magwaza explains: “Bucket List is a strongly structured comedic play, this play follows the life of an old white man named Paul. He is a man of wonders, surprises, and a bowl full of life. This is a one-hander show which transitions into different stages of life. Paul just found out that he has cancer and is only left with three months to live in this cruel, adventurous world.

‘Therefore, instead of being scared he decides to create a BUCKET LIST of things he wants to do before he passes away, Paul was married but unfortunately his wife passed away, so he is going through this life-changing sickness on his own. We are introduced to Paul’s crazy, naughty, as well as his weak side. This is more like a life story we get to see his weaknesses, strengths, and middle life challenges.

“Bucket List is a unique play that does not only teach about cancer but also has humour in it, it also gives a perspective of how a person facing a deadly illness really feels like and what they go through in terms of accepting and adjusting around their given frame of life. As an audience it does not just teach about cancer but any other illnesses and also shows how short life is and how one forgets to live and fulfil their dreams or rather wishes. All in all, Bucket List is entertaining and teaching at the same time.

“When you first heard the name, you might have thought maybe it’s one of the typical theatre shows but no!! It’s got something Bucket List, you will learn something from Bucket List as audience. The message, themes how it’s created and sense of humour, it was just impeccable!!  It’s crazy because when some jokes came up you act nonchalant towards them but now you will be laughing because they joked about life. You related so much to the show, and I’m sure by the end of it, you will also have your bucket list!"

Performances will take place during the National Arts Festival at DICKS in Makhanda on June 26 (10h00); June 27 (12h30); June 28 (18h30); June 29 (14h00) and June 30 (16h00).

Tickets: R70.