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Monday, May 29, 2023



(Left: Rick Andrew - courtesy of Facebook

On Monday June 5 at 18h00, the Mondays at 6 at St Clements programme will present a kind-of Durban swansong. Reserve your spot now to bid a fond farewell and raise a glass to auspicious new beginnings.

Rick Andrew, artist, musician, author, poet and St Clements stalwart - a soiree "founder" some 15 years ago along with Pieter Scholtz - is departing Durban. 

Regulars will have noted that Rick has taken over the sound elements and part of the Monday organising as circumstances have required dear Pieter to take more of a back seat.

Charlie and Therese Berea (aka Rick and Gill Andrew) are leaving Durban to take up residence in Johannesburg. The Axman (aka Alan Judd) will remain here. The three seasoned musicians / artists / entertainers have been making music together for more than 45 years.

As a farewell to St Clements, Charlie will entertain you with some songs and stories from his ‘diaries’. After this he will be joined by the Survivors to present some songs by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen as well as some of the Survivors’ own original material.

Come prepared to listen to some prose and a performance of music with carefully-chosen lyrics.

The Survivors, Rick, Alan and Gill, also perform under the umbrella of MUD – Movement Undoing Damage.

Rick and Jill have toured the country doing Bob Dylan, among other things. St Clements regulars will know that the Survivors trio have had many “encore” requests after previous Dylan and Cohen evenings.

When the donations box is passed around, a minimum of R50 per person is suggested.

They plan to be outdoors, weather permitting. (Inside with perhaps a bit of a squash if it rains. But hold thumbs for a balmy June night.)

Bookings limited to diners in support of St Clements restaurant and staff. (They stay open specially for the Mondays @ 6 programmes)

Be there in time to order before the performance, scheduled to start at 18h00.

Table bookings essential: RSVP ST Clements 031 202 2511. If you wish to dine after the presentation, place your order before 18h00.

Please cancel if you book then can’t make it as they often close booking due to space constraints.

St Clements is situated at 191 Musgrave Road. Mondays @ Six run between 18h00 and 19h00.