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Saturday, August 5, 2023



(Above: Pic of Margaret by her daughter, Penny Milner-Smythe)

Sad news comes from actor Iain Robinson (aka actor/activist Ewok), son-in-law to Margaret Logan (aka Milner-Smythe):

“To the Durban Theatre Community, we are heartbroken to share with you the news that after a very short and fierce battle, our deeply loved and ever-inspiring mother, Margaret Logan, died today (August 4, 2023) in the Hillcrest Hospital ICU.

“To the end she retained her sharp intellect, despite a stroke that affected her brain stem and consequently her ability to communicate with us verbally. The shock for us is that she had no chronic diseases, and this development hit us like a thunderbolt.

“There will be a private cremation and we will advise of memorial arrangements in due course, once we have had time to gather ourselves as her children and craft a way forward.

“Theatre was both her life and her passion and many of you will know this about her. She held the stage in her heart, whether under the lights or from the house.”


The KZN theatre community has been shattered by this information and the many messages of condolence and grief give an indication of how much Margaret was loved and respected, way back to her days on Springbok Radio. Here are a few:



Utterly gutted at this news. My Gertrude and friend. Mother to so many we adore. Beautiful Margaret, with the poise of a ballerina and the sharpest of intellects. So many memories of her and Derrick, the most hardcore of Grahamstown festival goers, always there, always engaging and supporting and embracing. The arts in KZN has lost a Trojan. Deepest condolences to the family.



This is heart-breaking news. Margie was such a lady, and a class act. I adored her. I am so sorry for your massive loss, which we all share.



What can one say about the incredibly talented Margaret Logan that hasn't been said already by other admirers?

In my view, she was a simply superb radio actress, needing very little by way of direction, no matter what part she was asked to play. And my father and I certainly asked her to play a huge variety of parts over her years on Springbok Radio. 

Mags (as we knew her) had a beautiful soul, which shone through in her sincerity of character. I was privileged to perform alongside her as her fiancé in one of her major roles as Karen in Father, Dear Father.

She also excelled in the morning serial The Romantic World of Barbara Cartland. She was an obvious choice for the first heroine in the serial and played the period piece to perfection, opposite Tommy Read as the hero.

Tommy reported back to me, after the final episode of that particular book aired, that one of his church ladies had been at her sink doing the washing up after breakfast, listening to the episode on her portable radio, and had found the climax so real and so sensual that her knees were shaking so badly that she had to leave the washing up and go and sit down!

That was Mags, though - putting everything into her performance as she put everything into her life and her ever-supportive children.

My heart goes out to all family members on this tragic loss of a shining star. She will be sorely missed. RIP, my friend!

Barry Meehan (Brian Squires)