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Tuesday, August 15, 2023



Jazz impresario, Ramoll Bugwandeen of the Moon Hotel, pays tribute to a well-known jazz aficionado, Skido Naidoo from Umhlatuzana Township in Durban.

Skido Naidoo lived in Soweto in the 70s among many musicians. and was closely associated with Ray Phiri of Stimela, Hotstix Sipho Mabuse the popular group Joy and was a great friend to the three doyennes of the South African vocal scene namely Felicia Marion, Marilyn and Angelique.

His long association with the legendary bass player Sipho Gumede goes back about 40 years.

Over the years, he has been responsible for always encouraging the popular Afro jazz fusion band Sakhile to remain and continue with their music despite the hardships of the music industry and the lack of gigs.

During the 80s, he was the main driving force for one of South Africa’s best bands Spirits Rejoice which was led by the legendary saxophonist Duke Makasi. In the 90s, when Sakhile came together for the third time he was the rallying force behind the band and approached me from the Moon Hotel to assist the band with accommodation, rehearsal venue and performance gigs.

His love and appreciation for African music was remarkable, a true and genuine friend who always came through for musicians, be it accommodation, food, booze, transport and was never shy to assist financially.

In the 90s, when exiled musicians returned home and they came to Durban, Hugh Masekela, trumpeter and Caiphus Semenya, trombonist, stayed with Skido. So much so, that Sipho Gumede titled a track on one of his albums entitled Skido. Naidoo’s simplicity and humble demeanour always placed him in good stead with the musician community. He had a great passion for fusion music, loved weather reports and yellow jackets and has awe and reverence for the musical abilities of Lionel Pillay the pianist and Robbie Jansen, the saxophonist from Cape Town.

When I started jazz at the Moon Hotel, Naidoo lent me his upright acoustic piano and recently he was encouraging me to bring jazz back at the Moon Hotel and once again was most willing to give me his ex sound system.

As all good things come to an end, he passed on Saturday August 12 aged 65. He leaves behind his wife Dicey Govender and two beautiful children, Daryll and Alicia. Whereever you go in South Africa in musical circles, the name Skido Naidoo comes up. He was a fun maker of note and music was his first passion.

May God guide and bless the family, long live his legacy and may his soul rest in peace.

Ramoll Bugwandeen of the Moon Hotel