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Monday, August 14, 2023



Make a date for The Headroom in Seaview at 21 Bridlington Road on August 19 as it presents Roots Grown Deep.

Roots Grown Deep is a world music performance and alternative education collective founded by South African / American composer and multi-instrumentalist Joel Karabo Elliott.

Roots Grown Deep's members hail from 15 nations and many more tribes. Each one participates in performance, education and regenerative development projects directly through the core regional ensembles based in southern Africa and the United States of America.

No matter the arrangement, Roots Grown Deep is known for their spirited fusion of multicultural sound which speaks to the heart of humankind, encouraging gratitude, celebration, sacred remembrance and a return to our true nature. They are currently developing a new performance and educational paradigm called Musical Ecology, representing the multi-dimensional inspiration drawn from nature, community, healing methodologies, indigenous knowledge and sound.

For their visit to Durban in August 2023, Roots Grown Deep's ensemble members and instrumentation are:

Ntando Mbatha (Osizweni, KZN) -- bass, voice

Dennias Mashegwane (Ga-Sekhukhune, Limpopo) -- poetry, percussion

Naftali Kholofelo Mphago (Ekangala, Mpumalanga) -- voice

Lantern Seka Maleka (Ga-Malebogo, Limpopo) -- percussion, ritual

Joel Karabo Elliott (USA / South Africa) -- voice, guitar, trombone, mbira


For more about the Roots Grown Deep story, and links to video and audio recordings, visit:

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Insta  @rootsgrowndeep