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Saturday, August 5, 2023



A plethora of wonderful music which will make you want to dance along, sing along and most certainly clap along as you remember good and happy times. (Review by Keith Millar)

Music has always been an integral part of movie soundtracks. Either playing a leading role in a musical or setting the scene or enriching the drama. There is little doubt that music is a massive element in creating the magic that is the movies.

And now the Barnyard Theatre at the Suncoast Theatre presents The Hollywood Walk of Fame, a fabulous tribute show, which pays homage to the best of these musical gems which have enlivened movies in recent times.

A plethora of wonderful music which will make you want to dance along, sing along and most certainly clap along as you remember good and happy times.

The Barnyard formula is simple. A first-rate band, charismatic singers with enthusiastic dance moves and loads of energy, an excellent selection of music played loud and proud, inventive lighting, colourful costumes, and effective AV projections.

This show has all these ingredients in bucket loads.

Firstly, the sound. I think this may be one of the best sound-balances I have heard at the Barnyard for some time. And while loud and proud it certainly was, it did not reach the pain levels of volume I have experienced at this venue before.

All the other technical aspects are spot on. State-of-the art lighting, excellent AV graphics and costumes perfectly in keeping with the action onstage.

The Barnyard band has been together for some time now and has developed into an accomplished and tight knit unit.

They are led by the talented Calli Thomson who juggles her two keyboards along with all the backing vocals and her role as musical director with panache. On guitar is the very skillful Jason Kylen who performs several solos in the show with aplomb. These include music from Peter Gun, James Bond, Top Gun and Pulp Fiction.

The show we attended included drummer Dylan Van Der Linde standing in for regular Paul Cassells. He was outstanding. The regular bass player is the animated Bongani Sokela - AKA Mr. B.

The saxophonists’ duties for this show are shared between Siya Duma and Kirsty Van Der Linde. We were fortunate enough to hear Kirsty. I have not seen her for a while and, if anything, she is even better than she was before. A stunning performance.

The singers included Tiaan Rautenbach who is also MC for the show. And here my only carp against the show. Why, oh why do we have to be subjected once again to one Bennie from the Bluff. This character, portrayed by Rautenbach, added absolutely nothing to the narrative of the show and it certainly did not come off in the context of this production. Can’t we please aim for a bit more sophistication in our productions?

Rautenbach did, however, redeem himself with good performances with the likes of Shallow from A Star is Born and an excellent Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror.

Also providing male vocals are Josh Philander and young Cole Adams. Philander bravely performing through a bout of flu impressed with Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman, La Bamba and The Heat is On.

While Adams, who was brilliant as Michael Jackson in the previous Barnyard show impressed, not only with his singing but also with his dancing. Included with his songs are Stand By Me, Footloose, and with Stevie Wonder’s I just Called To Say.

Female vocals are provided by a charming Jada Kelly and a Durban Barnyard favourite Kerry Cherry.

Cherry was on the top of her form and looking very glamourous while belting out Respect, Diamonds are Forever, Hold My Hand and Shallow.

With something in the region of 50 different songs appearing in this show it is impossible to list them all. Suffice it to say that no matter what your favourite piece of movie music is, you are likely to find it here.

A show of diverse music but very enjoyable none the less. Worth a visit.

Hollywood Road Walk of Fame is on until October 1, 2023.  – Keith Millar


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