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Tuesday, August 8, 2023



(Right: Natural Shell Mirror FW94. 700 x 900. R1800. The frame is painted a French Beige and all the shells have been collected on the shores of KZN)

“It is less than a month away to Spring, when our thoughts will really be tuned into sun, sea and surf.”

So says Joy Reynolds who runs the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery.

She continues: “So if your coastal, beach home or cottage needs a revamp please consider our re-furbished, re-decorated, made-up frames from our little gallery off-shoot, Frameworks.

“Frameworks is our idea of the now fashionable thrift shop where you will find some very reasonable priced and unusual frames and mirrors.”

 (Left: B/W Shell Mirror FW93. 700 x 1000. R19,00.00. The B/W shells on this frame are called Narita Shells. 

These are abundant on our shores and are commonly known as Toe Nail Shells.)


(Right: "Shades of Grey" Shell Mirror FW95. 700 x 840 mm. R1500)

These frames, along with many others, can be viewed at Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, 120 Florida Road, Durban.

For more information contact Joy on or on 082 2100 641.