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Thursday, October 26, 2023


Khabza de Khabza Isivivane Art Centre invites audiences for the coverage of the Concert of the Afro Orchestra featuring Vusi Mkhize on October 29, 2023.

Khabza de Khabza Art Centre is an art development institution that not only hosts music concerts in Hammarsdale but it also offers music lessons to young people in the area and beyond. The Centre has been in operation for a number of years under the leadership of its founder Vusi Mkhize.

Mkhize, a lead guitarist, art administrator and an entrepreneur, is greatly respected in the South African music scene as he has worked and travelled with a number of international artists, including the late Deborah Fraser. Following its launch in December 2022, the Afro Orchestra is hosting its concert at the end of the month on October 29, 2023, at the BAT Centre.

The Afro Orchestra is the first of its kind in this geographic region as it aims to bring into light the works of African artists/ composers with the continent of Africa and the diaspora. True to the ethos of Khabza de Khabza of putting art education and development at the forefront, the orchestra is made up of young music professionals that are hungry for experimenting and showcasing their God given talent.

To be the tradition of the orchestra is to invite the performers of the featured musical works to take to stage with the orchestra. This is believed to be the empowerment the industry has been looking for where young professionals will get to analyse and get clarity on why the composer decided on whatever style and can it be pushed for modern relevance. In this concert the orchestra will be belting the works of Vusi Mkhize who is more than excited to have everyone indulge in his thoughts and emotions.

The Afro Orchestra Concert takes place on October 29 from 15h00 till late at the BAT Centre (45 Maritime Place, Esplanade, Durban).