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Friday, November 3, 2023



My So-Called Friend” is a drama that will leave you stunned until you reach the end of the book. (Review by Ntombentle Zondi)

Prudence Makau is the writer of this book My So-Called Friend about friendship betrayal. This book kept me on the edge of my seat because of its changing twist plots. It will be most interesting to those who have been betrayed by a friend and it’s back-to-back dramatic events that take place showing the highs and lows of a friendship between two girls.

The story follows Tlhalefo and her new-found friendship with a girl named Boitumelo who she meets at her new school, where they form a strong friendship that later shows to have its highs and lows. Tlhalefo experiences the obstacles of her new friendship and how it quickly turns to an unexpected betrayal which uncovers the truths about her best friend that unfold in each chapter.

Eye-opening and a plot twister, the author kept me glued to this book as the different events unfolded. I uncovered a lot in this story - the events that took place made me unravel emotionally.

The characters are complex and courageous. The character that stood out to me was Tlhalefo who was able to withstand the challenges of friendship head-on, given the intensity of the situation and not letting it define her. Each character was vulnerable and shared their past and what they had gone through and dealt with and who they used to be.

The writing style used is captivating. Prudence Makau’s writing style is also engaging and approachable because of how the she (the author) paced herself through the events of the story.

It made me picture what was actually going on and it made me immerse myself into the story as if I was witnessing the events that took part in it.

The strengths in this story which were intriguing, following the unfolding of events. The characters are relatable, making me feel immersed in it.

The weaknesses in this story were that some plots twists are confusing, leaving you wondering why things happened the way they did. The ending was abrupt, not knowing where it put the two girls in the end.

My So-Called Friend is a drama that will leave you stunned until you reach the end of the book.

Readers who enjoy drama riveting books will enjoy this one. It has its weaknesses but it is addictive. I never wanted it to end abruptly. Having had said that, I recommend this book. I give it a rating of 8/10. – Ntombentle Zondi

My So-Called Friend is published by Tafelberg and was released on July 21, 2023. ISBN 978-0-624-09442-5