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Sunday, January 21, 2024



(Above: Josh Crickmay)

Adventurer and Wildlife Filmmaker Josh Crickmay comes face-to-face with “City Beasts” in new series on People'sWeather

Exploring the wild side of Cape Town game ranger, and adventurer Josh Crickmay takes audiences on an exhilarating journey through the City's hidden treasures in the upcoming TV series City Beasts: Cape of Chaos on People'sWeather on Channel 180 DSTV and Openview Channel 115 beginning on January 29, 2024.

City Beasts chronicles the journey of Josh Crickmay on a mission to find proof that humans and animals can coexist in harmony. Josh shares his experiences as he discovers these animals in a fun and educational way, imbuing the series with his unbridled enthusiasm and quirky sense of humour. Through tracking, trap cameras, stakeouts, and by following the tales from the locals, he encounters fascinating “beasts” of the City, uncovering their resilience, as they adapt and cohabit with humans, who have increasingly claimed their spaces.

Through honest and genuine encounters with animals like penguins, sharks, porcupines, baboons, genets, and even otters, he proves his theory that not only do people coexist with wildlife in Cape Town, but he also discovers the remarkable impact it has on the locals.

Josh’s passion for wildlife was ignited as a 15-year-old when as a lost and suicidal teen, he spent a “big year’ chasing down bird species in Southern Africa, the Andes, and the Amazon. Following this, he produced a magnificent coffee table book: Josh’s Big Year, a photographic record of his experience. Josh qualified as a FGASA nature guide and became interested in creating content and started filming his experiences, uncovering his eccentric and often humorous slant on nature.

Stephan le Roux, owner and CEO of People’sWeather, says: “What attracted us to the City Beast series is Josh's unique, genre-bending approach to wildlife film-making. It’s off-beat, unusual, highly accessible and engaging. He has created a fresh approach to an often serious genre that is desperately in need of some humour and young voices to broaden its appeal. Think Tik Tok by the waterhole!”

“Creating the City Beasts was the culmination of everything I love in life: Incredible wildlife, fascinating people, conservation, challenging filmmaking, pirate boats and unbridled havoc,” says Josh. “It was as every bit chaotic behind the scenes as it is on the screen, and I couldn’t have asked for better.”

Josh’s enthralling adventures kick off with a welcome by Cape Town’s dassies. He follows baboons as they navigate the urban landscape and tracks down the four species of cormorants inhabiting the City, unveiling a stunning diversity of avian life. He takes a plunge into the depths of the kelp forests, learning to free dive to bring viewers face-to-face with the shark life beneath the waves.

His encounters with the iconic seals of Cape Town, provide a rare glimpse into their daily struggles and triumphs in their natural habitat. He captures the goofy and lovable nature of African penguins. In a breathtaking exploration of shipwrecks off the Cape of Storms, Josh reveals how nature has ingeniously turned man's trash into treasure. He meets a Cape Clawless Otter under the docks of Simon’s Town harbour, searches the dangerous gorges of Table Mountain for the extremely elusive and aptly named ghost frog, and has a memorable experience with a pair of porcupines. Josh also shares his personal story of struggle and success with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as he explores sundews and seabirds and searches for an elusive otter.

It's no wonder that Josh feels that creating City Beasts is a kind of tribute to the Natural World - as it literally saved his life. Josh's curiosity, sheer bravery, and clever sense of humour make him an endearing character, and his passion is undeniably authentic and palpable throughout the series. “My every step forward is an attempt to repay that debt back to the Natural World, through conservation, spreading knowledge and excitement about our world through film - told with humour, adventure, and as always, mayhem.”

Catch this uniquely captivating series on People'sWeather on Channel 180 on DSTV and Openview Channel 115 from January 29 to February 8, 2024, at 20h30 with repeats.

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