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Saturday, February 3, 2024


Here are some of the highlights - please note that this line-up is subject to change



Sunday February 4, 2024, at 20h05

No Hard Feelings

16VSNL |Comedy

On the brink of losing her home, Maddie finds an intriguing job listing: helicopter parents looking for someone to bring their introverted 19-year-old son out of his shell before college. She has one summer to make him a man or die trying.


Sunday February 11, 2024 at 20h05

Gran Turismo: Based on A True Story

13VL | Drama

Based on the unbelievable, inspiring true story of a team of underdogs - a struggling, working-class gamer, a failed former race car driver, and an idealistic motorsport exec - who risk it all to take on the most elite sport in the world.


Sunday February 18, 2024, at 20h05


16VL  Action

A CIA operative and his translator flee from special forces in Afghanistan after exposing a covert mission.


Sunday February 24, 2024 at 20h05

Fool’s Paradise

16VSL | Comedy

A down-on-his-luck publicist gets his lucky break when he discovers a man recently released from a mental health facility who looks just like a method actor who refuses to leave his trailer. With the help of a powerful producer, the publicist helps the man become a huge star, even marrying his beautiful leading lady.



Monday February 5, 2024, at 18h00

Survivor USA S45 Ep1

PG13L | Reality Competition *STARTS*

In this intense season 45 premiere, the castaways are abandoned in Fiji where they must learn to adapt, or they will be voted out.


Monday February 5, 2024, at 21h00

Caught| S1 Ep1


Comedy *STARTS – Double Bills*

A crazy over-the-top premiere. Four idiot Australian soldiers are kidnapped behind enemy lines. Instead of fighting for their freedom, they fight for social media fame and notoriety.


Tuesday February 6, 2024, at 19h00

Fires| S1 Ep1


A mini-series premiere laced with trepidation. Lighting strikes and starts what is to become a long, hot and treacherous summer for young volunteer firefighters Tash and Mott.


Tuesday February 6, 2024, at 20h00

Cobra  S1 Ep1 | 16

Drama *STARTS*

A frantic season premiere. As the possibility of a solar storm affecting the UK mounts, the Prime Minister Robert Sutherland, assembles the emergency committee “COBRA” in an effort to combat the situation.


Tuesday February 6, 2024, at 21h00

Shadowland  S1 Ep1 | 16

Documentary *STARTS*

A captivating premiere. A woman who falls down the rabbit hole faces 20 years in prison for her alleged role in the January 6 riots; a couple splits from their friends and families over their beliefs.


Friday February 9, 2024, at 21h00

Moonshine| S3 Ep1 | 16SL

Drama Comedy *STARTS*

A mysterious and intriguing season two premiere. When a mysterious package arrives at the Moonshine, it makes the Finley-Cullens question their fates.


Friday February 16, 2024, at 20h00

LA Brea  S3 Ep1 | 13


A riveting premiere. After the clearing's destroyed in a dinosaur attack, the survivors must find a new home; Gavin discovers a clue about where Eve has been taken.


Monday February 26, 2024, at 21h00

Special Ops: Lioness | S1 Ep1 | 16

Action Thriller *STARTS*

In the season premiere, things go awry for Joe and her team during a mission out in the field. Cruz tries to escape a dangerous situation. Later, Joe must choose a new recruit.


Thursday February 29, 2024, at 19h00

Irrational| S1 Ep1 | 16VL


We meet professor of behavioural science, Alec Mercer, as he's called upon to investigate the murder of a fashion influencer whose boyfriend has confessed to the crime.



Thursday February 22, 2024, at 19h00

Law and Order | S02 EP22 | 13 |

Crime *ENDS*

A gripping season finale. A senator is gunned down at his daughter’s wedding. McCoy pushes for a severe sentence and squares up against a formidable DA – his own daughter.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2024, at 19h00

Magnum P.I. | S05 EP20 | 13

Crime *ENDS*

Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks lead this remake of the hit 80s crime drama. An ex-Navy SEAL returns from Afghanistan and uses his military skills to become a private investigator in Hawaii.


Monday February 26, 2024, at 19h00

Ten Pound Poms | S01 EP6 | 16

Drama *ENDS*

Everything comes to a head in this gripping finale. The hostel inhabitants wake up to some devastating news, and Annie is compelled to fight back.



Saturday February 3, 2024, at 18h15

Britain’s Got Talent | S16 EP01 | 13L

Reality Talent *STARTS*

Britain's loved variety talent show returns for its incredible 16th season. Brand new judge Bruno Tonioli joins the panel alongside Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.


Saturday February 3, 2024, at 22h00

Temptation Island| S05 EP01 | 16SNL

Reality *STARTS*

Deep secrets are revealed, and instant connections are made as four brand new couples make it to the island to put their relationships to the ultimate test.


Sunday February 4, 2024, at 18h00

Survivor | S44 EP01 | PG13L


An exciting two-part premiere. Three tribes instantly have a challenge, and the remaining two choose between a mental or physical challenge. The first big decision is made.


SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4 ,2024, at 22h00

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | S15 EP01 | 16L


An exciting two-part premiere. Three tribes instantly have a challenge, and the remaining two choose between a mental or physical challenge. The first big decision is made.


Monday February 5, 2024, at 20h00

Alert: Missing Persons Unit  S01 EP01 | 16V

Drama *STARTS*

A gripping premiere with an unexpected twist. The MPU investigates the abduction of a young child, whose abduction is likely revenge related to her father's work.


Tuesday February 6, 2024, at 20h00

Diplomat | S01 EP01 | 16VSL

Crime Drama *STARTS*

A mysterious and danger-filled premiere. When the body of a British man is found in the Barcelona marina, British Consul Laura Simmonds begins to search for answers while under pressure from new boss.


TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6, 2024, at 21h00

Blue Lights| S01 EP01 | 16VL

Drama Crime *STARTS*

A captivating premiere. PSNI probationer Grace promises to help Angela, whose son has fallen in with a notorious gang. But with undercover agents watching, will she be able to keep her word?


Wednesday February 7, 2024, at 20h00

Best Man, the: The Final Chapters | S01 EP01 | 16VSNL

Comedy Drama *STARTS*

As the Best Man franchise comes to a close, the friends come together again for a final series. Relationships evolve, and past grievances resurface in the unpredictable stages of midlife crisis.


WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2024, at 21h00

Cherish the Day | S02 EP01 | 16L

Drama *STARTS*

Chef Sunday St James travels home from Atlanta to New Orleans to visit her aging father and reunites with her first love, Ellis.


Wednesday February 7, 2024, at 22h00

Power Book II: Ghost S03 EP01 | 18VL

Drama Crime *STARTS*

A new semester at Stansfield means a fresh start for Tariq. Brayden is learning the ropes at Weston Holdings, under his uncle Lucas. Monet grieves the loss of Zeke.


Thursday February 8, 2024, at 20h00

Steinheist S01 EP01 | 16L

Documentary *STARTS*

Steinhoff, once a small furniture company, has a meteoric rise under the leadership of charismatic accountant Markus Jooste. Soon enough, the CEO draws in huge investors and impresses analysts.


Thursday February 8, 2024, at 21h15

Lioness| S02 EP01 | 16SL

Thriller *STARTS*

A dark, tension-filled season two premiere. After the chaotic events 18 months ago that involved burying a body, faking a death, kidnapping, and so much more, Sam faces a judicial panel about to rule on her fate.


Thursday February 8, 2024, at 22h30

Run the World  S02 EP01 | 16SL

Comedy Drama *STARTS*

Whitney anxiously awaits the fate of her relationship, while Sondi and Renee are reminded by Ella that it's never a bad time to choose yourself.


Friday February 9, 2024, at 18h00

Home Economics S02 EP01 | 13L


A lively season premiere. Connor invites the Hayworth clan to a 49ers game as he tries to close a business deal. Denise tries to get Sarah to accept Shamiah's new interest in cheerleading.


Friday February 9, 2024, at 19h00

Recipes for Love and Murder | S01 EP01 | 13VL |

Mystery Drama *STARTS*

The thrilling premiere of this quirky M-Net Original murder mystery. In the small town Eden, the life of a middle-aged food and advice columnist is rocked when one of her correspondents is murdered.


Friday February 9, 2024, at 20h00

Son of A Critch | S01 EP01 | 13L


A chaotic season premiere. After being bullied on his first day, 11-year-old Mark takes a shot at one of the bullies, a young girl named Fox, and learns that words can hurt a lot more.


Monday February 19, 2024, at 22h00

Based on A True Story | S01 EP01 | 16VSL

Comedy Thriller *STARTS – DOUBLE BILLS*

A riveting premiere. A married realtor and a former tennis star struggle to stay afloat as an infamous serial killer terrorises Los Angeles.


Tuesday February 20 2024, at 22h00

The Tourist | S01 EP01 | 16VL


Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey) drives this premiere. In the middle of the Australian outback, a man is run off the road. Later, when he wakes up, he realises he has no idea who he is.


Thursday February 29, 2024, at 20h00

The Elon Musk Show | S01 EP01 | 13L

Documentary *STARTS*

An eye-opening, intriguing documentary series that centres on Elon Musk. Interviews with family members, close friends and business associates focus on key moments in Musk's life and career.


Season and Series Finales

Monday February 12, 2024, at 22h00

Full Circle S01 EP06 | 16VL

Drama Mystery *ENDS*

A bittersweet finale. Agent Harmony finds a link between the McCuskers and Guyana.


Tuesday February 13, 2024, at 22h00

Poker Face S01 EP10 | 16VSL

Comedy Crime *ENDS*

A chaos-filled season finale. When Charlie receives a surprising offer, her new lease on life only lasts for seconds before she finds herself caught in the crossfire between two ruthless crime syndicates.


Thursday February 22, 2024, at 20h00

Steinheist  S01 EP03 | 16L

Documentary *ENDS*

The abrupt resignation of CEO Markus Jooste and the catastrophic crash of Steinhoff leaves many across South Africa and the world baying for Jooste’s blood.






Director: Mahalia Belo

Cast: Ramanique Ahluwalia, Elena Bielova, Ruth Clarson

Jodie Comer’s gripping performance propels this compelling story of a family's survival. As flood waters submerge London, a mother and child are forced to leave home in search of safety.




Director: Eli Roth

Cast: Patrick Dempsey, Ty Olsson, Gina Gershon

No one is safe in this holiday-themed slasher packed with carnage and chaos. A serial killer embarks on a murder spree in Plymouth following a tragic Black Friday riot at the town's superstore.




Director: Kabous Meiring

Cast: Carla Smith, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Christiaan Schoombie

An unemployed journalist returns to her small West Coast hometown after a spectacular fall-out with her boss. At home, her path crosses with a floundering rock star.




Director: Nia DaCosta

Cast: Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani

The eagerly anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel (2019) sees the return of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. This time, she isn’t flying solo, as she teams up with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau after their powers get entangled.




Director: Francis Lawrence

Cast: Dexter Sol Ansell, Rosa Gotzler, Clemens Schick

Based on Suzanne Collins' same-named prequel to the epic Hunger Games trilogy, an intriguing origin story of a young Coriolanus Snow, 64 years before he rose to power as Panem's tyrannical leader.




Director: Louis Lagayette

Cast: Lily Banda, Alec Newman, Aurora Marion

A group of rescued refugees becomes prey in this thrilling horror. After their boat capsizes, the group’s saviours reveal their true intentions and turn into ruthless manhunters.




Director: Aaron Burns

Cast: Sarah Drew, Lucas Black, Olivia Sanabia

A faith-based Western with suspense, action and drama. Set in 1890 Arizona, Rev Jeremiah Jacobs and his wife Martha lead a sweet and peaceful life until their daughter is kidnapped. They must trust God and each other to find hope.




Director: Sean Olson

Cast: Corbin Bleu, Ethan Drew, Amanda Leighton

A fun and enjoyable family comedy film. A troubled teen hides in a summer camp after robbing big city crooks of a top-secret gadget, but they track him down.




Director: Tim Story

Cast: Grace Byers, Jermaine Fowler, Melvin Gregg

Fans of Scream will enjoy this viciously funny comedy slasher film. Seven friends must rely on their street smarts and knowledge of horror movies when they are trapped in a cabin with a killer who has a vendetta.




Director: Laurel Parmet

Cast: Eliza Scanlen, Lewis Pullman, Jimmi Simpson

A delicate coming-of-age story infused with religion. A 17-year-old girl struggles to find her place in her Christian fundamentalist community until her youth pastor, with whom she develops a relationship, returns to their church.




Director: Paul Briganti

Cast: Martin Herlihy, John Higgins, Ben Marshall

A ridiculously funny comedy. Three deadbeat roommates and co-workers fend off hairless bears, desperate park rangers and a hypocritical cult leader while searching for a priceless treasure.




Director: Jimmy Mak

Cast: Cindy Sampson, Nina Kiri, Milton Barnes

A gritty, action-packed film. A former police officer puts aside his differences with the force and teams up with a younger detective to find his brother's murderer.




Director: Stephen Gray, Chris Radtke

Cast: Dale Black, Dean Braxton, John Burke

A soul-stirring yet thought-provoking documentary. Scientists, authors, and survivors of near-death experiences explore the unknown of the afterlife and invite viewers to contemplate the possibility of life after death.




Director: Aleksandr Voytinskiy

Cast: Alina Alekseeva, Sergey Burunov, Mila Ershova

Young and old are sure to be entertained by this adventure-filled fairy tale fantasy. If you go fishing, be prepared to draw the fish of your dreams, the magical Pike, which can grant any three wishes.




Director: Benjamin Renner, Guylo Homsy

Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Carol Kane, Awkwafina   

The creators of blockbusters, such as Minions, Sing, and Despicable Me, delight fans with a new action-packed animation comedy. Take flight into the thrill of the unknown with a family of ducks who go on a vacation of a lifetime.




Director: Taika Waititi

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Oscar Kightley, David Fane

Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit) teams up with Michael Fassbender to tell this fun, comedic underdog redemption tale. The American Samoa soccer team hires Thomas Rongen to lead them to victory after losing 31-0 against Australia in 2001.




Director: Roger Kumble

Cast: Virginia Gardner, Dylan Sprouse, Rob Estes

The sequel to ‘Beautiful Disaster’. After a crazy night in Las Vegas, Abby and Travis wake up as accidental newlyweds. With their best friends in tow and Abby's poker winnings, they go to Mexico, where they enjoy a wild, lavish honeymoon.




Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Brian Cox, Christopher Convery

Stellar performances by Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox drive this father-daughter drama. A terminally ill prisoner gets to spend his final few weeks under house arrest with his estranged daughter and her 12-year-old son.