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Sunday, March 17, 2024



(Above: Cara Roberts in one of the highlights of the show) 

Kearsney College: Thursday March 21 at 19h30

 The King of Broken Things – a whimsical, profound and poignant one-hander by Theatresmiths’ Michael Taylor Broderick, featuring Cara Roberts (as a young boy) comes to 1000 Hills for a single performance - at Kearsney College on Thursday March 21, 2024, at19h30.

 The King of Broken Things dares its audience to imagine, to dream and most of all, to believe. It is a show about hope, about fixing and mending, about forgiving and about healing, all of these are key ingredients that are much needed in our beloved country right now. The show gently deals with many issues facing society today: bullying; prejudice; gratuitous waste; absent fathers and the futility and consequences of war. All of these themes are keenly and wryly observed by the young protagonist. Because these ideas are expressed by a child (played by Cara Roberts), they are more honest and forthright - acceptance is where change and healing begins.

(Right: Cara Roberts in exploratory mode)

The King of Broken Things has received awards and accolades where ever it has performed. It is produced by Theatresmiths which is founded by Michael Taylor Broderick. 

It is a group of like-minded theatre practitioners intent on changing the world through the magic of theatre.

 Tickets R150 in advance through Webtickets

Show takes place on March at 19h30 at Kearsney College, 25 Old Main Road, Botha’s Hill.

 There is on-site parking.

NB: To catch the artSMart review of the show written by Romi Schumann visit